Students always send a signal of their emotion through the Behavior

Today I visited one High school called “Gimnazjum z Oddzialami Intergracyjnymi Nr 2 Gimnazjum Sportowe VIII Liceum Ogolnoksztalca   ce z Oddzialami Intergracyjunymi” and held the lecture for 18, 19 years old students.
The meeting was happens just few hours preparation yesterday evening and I do appreciate the Teacher’s Passions for their students. The teacher really worries about nowadays young generation who does not know the history of the country, & the reasons why we can live peacefully. Because of the point not only Polish young generations, but world young generations have not known the way of life with common sense, morality, and humanity which is really basic stuff in our life –Example respect the elder people, or expression of our behavior with our words and deeds which has to show the others with polite way. But it is not the students fault!

And actually 18. 19 years old students are still pure and know the fact of the world, and on the other hand they really know the reality of the world as same as adult people knows. Moreover they always check us. They always check all single words, all single behaviors, and all single attitude of Adult people.
Therefore the term of the students are very sensitive. Some of them against the adult, some of them ignore the adult people saying. It is because all comes from their conflict in side of their heart between “The Fact of the society” and “Their future dreams & wishes” – And most of the students couldn’t keep their hope or dream for their future and for their country, and adult people due to the view & seen from the adult people’s saying and attitude.

I would like to tell is all student’s attitude is a big message of their feeling and passion, and their cares!! – It is the kind of screaming of the student’s heart!

We Adult people need to focus on their behavior, and focus on their attitude, and need to try to understand what they wants to tell us, or what they wants to show or express us.
And we need to lights up their future not from the knowledge or information but from our heart and our personal experiences.

When we try to control or to be strict or try to push our opinion, they will against the adult! Important thing is we need to admit them and trust them and when they need helps give our hands with kindness!

I do can say all kids especially the term of kids when they got some inspiration, immediately they changed and became a different person!
So how to keep their humanity, and their dream all depend on our Adult especially at this important moment for their life!

I am not sure how much I can do at this very short time meeting with the students, but I do wish I can inspire the several students and I can be some turning point of their life!

For the students who attended the meeting today! I always welcome you guys to contact with me! Not as a adult but as your friend I would love to share my story experiences for you guys future if it can help even little bit!

I always welcome you guys to send me a message!

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