“Peace Train” with fire of Peace Heart

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Today from morning I did walked from Pyskowice to Toszek using 2hrs walking. These days in Poland the weather is windy and cold with snowing & raining… My body was frozen and hard to move forward the steps. However the cold weather & nobody cannot stop my walking, cannot stop my actions for Peace.
The Peace train with fire of Peace heart on the rail of “Road of Peace” has started moving forward! At the beginning the speed is very slow but exactly move forward with increased speed. One actions and one steps draws the other actions and other steps!
The people contact and gather the other people.
From one action, from one step, from one people with pure heart & passions for peace exactly we can influence & empower the other action, other step, and other people!
It is the circulation of goodwill & positive energy!

**Yesterday during our meeting with Principal who takes care the school where I visited on 2nd of March & her daughter, -“National TV of Poland” called <TVN> contacted me for the interview on 7th of March – It comes from Oswiecim Mayor and Foundation which helps Kids who has serious problems of disease contacted the media and it was happened.

**Today after finishing my walking – the other school in Gliwice contacted me for inviting me to hold the lectures tomorrow on 6th of March.

It is just an example. Many things happens after I started walking after I started holding the event.

I do appreciate each single encounter, I do appreciate each single steps on this earth,
and I do appreciate each single action with local people.

I wish my each steps, each of my actions and each encounter with people draws the other peoples steps, and actions and the encounter toward Peace as same as my peace walking & Peace actions. And I wish we do awake our humanity and right to peace all together who we met, who we meet, and who will meet in the future!
It takes long time but I surely believe the steps, the actions, and the connection & encounter with people can influence the other Peace train start moving forward in their rail of Life for Peace!

(Pictures from Pyskowice to Toszek)

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