“School of Peace” & “Friend of Peace” will soon get launched from Gliwice Poland


Today 4th of March in the morning I walked from Gliwice to Pyskowice just 12km long using 2 hrs.
This meeting has full of meaning for our future cooperation & Peace actions getting wonderful idea of cooperation for Peace – it was like a chemical reaction. Both Positive energy vibrate both energy and raise up higher together! –IMG_1282

*Our Idea is as bellow

<“School of Peace”> <Friend of Peace >
~Raising the Global Peace Citizen from Young Generation~

<*Back Ground>

Nowadays there are full of Human Society put the name of Peace, Town of Peace, City of Peace… But the most of the event and activities are held in order to get pay attention from global media or public attention through Concert, Event so on.
I do agree these event is very important to inspire the people to raise their awareness of peace. However how many people try to pay attention for the people to start the actions individually at their dairy life. – I think it is hardest point for Peace actions to motivate the ordinary people to start the actions from their goodwill.
I have tried to inspire the people and through the inspirations always ask to the people or organization or government to start own action at local area with local people, however most of the people couldn’t do any actions…. Therefore I have started my Peace Week Education Project targeting on University Students, and High school students in order to grow next Young Leader for Peace giving them an opportunity to gain the knowledge and experiences which is “Think about Peace” “Act for Peace” and “Spread the peace” from young generations. Although it is not enough and realized that from much younger generation” Elementary School & Junior High School kids” – we need to give them an opportunity to have wise view & wise mind and wise heart for peace.
Through the “School of Peace” and “Friend of Peace” continuously different country school and young generations do exchange using the logical tool of communication and sharing their culture & knowledge & information and holding the actions at their location in order to grow the Global Peace Citizen Kids across the all frame of human being.

<Purpose & Goal>
Through the exchange project connecting School as a School of Peace, and connecting the kids as a “Global Peace Citizen” & “Friend of Peace” students continue to share their country culture – which is language, food, music, traditions, religions, national holiday by hand writing letter not using internet & technology which can easy to connect with people. – Through the process & method of exchange we try to make students to remind our roots and origins which is most basic roots of “Human Being –Humanity”– and the origins of Frame of Human Being which is “Nation” “Religion” …. and find a way of Common awareness & Unity of Peace in order to grow the Global Peace Citizen in this world from School & Individual friendship between young generation.

Elementary School & Junior High School
It was great conversation with them and with my honor we will start our cooperation using my connection with school in a different country to make community for the project!

In addition nowadays many people can be easy to look the people through the colored spectacles and judge the people negatively just the name of nations, or religions or just their appearance or career,… but the way never find the way of good relationship with others who has a different back ground. We are human being, therefore we do made mistake, we do can goes wrong directions, government, NGO, leaders all consist of human being.
And there are no perfect human being, 100% perfect people are not exist in this world, and on the other hands there are no 100% bad people too. We all have a both side!
Most important thing is

“How we can focus on our good point rather than bad point”
(As individual all our words and deeds and behavior is depend on which side we focus on.
And the people when we connect with someone -not to use the colored spectacles, and –not to see the negative side, but try to find good point of the others.)

-For example Principal told us great stuff
– Poland When WW2 Russian people came and did bad things for Polish People, however if we change the view Russian Army came and because of their visiting Poland could liberate. Even the did bad things due to the history, but as a respect for liberation in Poland Gliwice center of city her school has taken care the monument of Russia.
Moreover the Gliwice Radio Tower – For Polish people it is hard to see because of the sad history – Auschwitz is also. But from the past negative heritage – try to reach the better world and rights up the bright future!

I do believe everybody can has the good point of the talent and everybody can be good person for someone making a good relationship with others and as a radio we can start to turn in the good vibration spreading the message of Peace.

This “School for Peace” and “Friend of Peace” is great way to understand each other, and using good point of the talent make good relationship with each other from kids.

(Picture from Gliwice to Pyskowice)

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