Teacher lights up the student’s bright future with real education & their passions ~Lecture meeting at Gliwice Poland~

IMG_1224 IMG_1231       On 3rd of March I visited one wonderful school named Gimnazjum nr 3 im Noblistow Polskich.
I really amazed the event was happens in a quite short time! I cannot say it was accidently happened the our cooperation in a peace action, I do can say it was destiny to have a connections with them and held the lecture meeting today
– the story had started from yesterday when I visited the City Hall trying to visit the mayor’s office.
The time I already met the principal of the school, when I was leaving the city hall one gentle woman opened the door for me, and I did said “thank you” to the people – the people was the principal. It was the first meeting and she heard about my story after the passed by each other from Asistant of Mayor of Gliwice. And the lecture meeting with students were organized!
It is amazing! All positive energy gathered and these wonderful things happens immediately!
It was really great moment at the school! The principal, the teachers, and the students all were wonderful.

Everything I wondered “where is the reason??”

It all comes from Principal and teachers Passions & Great efforts for the school! Principal and all teacher works every days without any weekend…. 7day / work for students. According to the principal words – “It is not because of duty or busy job, but all comes appear from their passion for kids, and voluntarily all works for kids coming from their wishes for these young generations bright future!” The school tries to educate not only typical education but they did many way tries to give students an opportunity to have more experiences and knowledge through school activities!!

I really amazed and impressed their passion and self-sacrifice for their students! The Principal & teacher has this mentality and passion and know what Real Education is. Therefore the kids are amazing has wise view!

One of the greatest activities are visiting Auschwitz every march.
It is not just because of the program but the purpose and the idea is amazing!

The most memorable words from Principal was
-“We need the balance! – Past & present and future! Especially past, if we doesn’t tell the things which happened in a past, things will happens again.We need to learn from past and draw on the present and future.”
–As following the words, every March they bring their students to Auschwitz and hold great education for their students.

Nowadays people, country, religious group using the history with their interpretation look the world and country and judge the others through coloured spectacles. Not only the nation’s relations but education also get influence from the mentality! However like this school teacher has keep their wise view and keep their passion for educations and educate the students!
– It is really important for our future education!

I truly learned so many things from their behavior and their way of thinking!
I really do think we need to protect student’s humanity and at same time we need to shine the students to a right direction of their life with real educations.

It was really amazing moments to visit such a wonderful school in Gliwice Poland! And we do agree to have a strong connections for future cooperation in our peace actions.

As much as I can I try to gather the wonderful people who has great heart of Peace & we do the actions for peace at locally & globally and individually & collectively! For future cooperation I do keep walking and do my actions connecting people to make big impact for peace in this world!

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