Peace Family

Today 2nd of March 2015 from the morning I tried my best to organize the actions in Gliwice Poland where I just arrived by my walking from Oswiecim using 3 days walk (21st of Feb Oswiecim to Tychy, / 23rd of Feb Tychy to Mikolow, / and 1st of March Mikolow to Gliwice) As a first approaching I visited city hall to ask for meeting with Mayor. Not the mayor but I could meet the assistant of Mayor, and could give my official document with special letter from Oswiecim -It is the letter from Mayor of Oswiecim as a recommendation letter of my walking from Oswiecim Poland to Berlin Germany, he gave me the letter personally!

It was the Mayor of Oswiecim “Kindness” and by grace of his kindness – today afternoon I could get phone call from City hall and local school, I can visit and hold the lectures at one local school!

Now I feel full of the great support from Oswiecim whom I met – whom have full of passion for peace and whom have a real peace heart in deep inside of their heart. With wonderful people from “Oswiecim” and on behalf of them I keep trying my Peace actions all of my steps toward Berlin Germany!

Using the message of the post I do express my appreciation and sincere thanks Mayor of Oswiecim and everybody who I met, who helped and supported my actions in Oswiecim during my short stay in the town!!!!!

Oswiecim & Everybody always in my heart!!!

And my Peace family & Peace friends whole world who I met through my actions! You are the people – people of “World Peace” citizen as same as Oswiecim people, everybody every time you are in my heart and give me a power and inspire me and empower me. Tomorrow I do visit school at 9;30 and will spread our peace message to Gliwice young students!!!!

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