Walking from Mikolow to Griwice -1st of March 2015-

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On 1st of March I walked from Micolow to Gliwice about 22km. On the way I could see old houses and architectures. When I was in Warsaw I saw the atmosphere related with Communism but from Oswiecim where nearby Czech Republic, the atmosphere and people seems to change little bit more European side!

But same feeling of Polish people are quite gentle & little bit shy which has many similar point of Japanese people personality! Day by day I discovered the new Poland, and continuously I try to learn more Poland language, culture, environment & people!

In Japan we have a proverb “郷に入っては郷に従え“(Goni Haitteha Goni Shitagae)which means “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” I really do agree this proverb.

Every country every people have different back ground and way of thinking so if just using only one idea or one concept of view it become just pushing the opinion or push our needs without any consideration of the other side! – It is not peaceful. Therefore even keep my core actions style like lectures, or tree planting, or helping poor kids but I do follow the proverb and try to see, understand and learn the local culture the people’s reactions as much as I can and I do my real peace action at the area and at the country with local people!

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