“People’s power is limitless”

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Today 27th of Feb, We held the last Peace Action in Oswiecim before I kickoff my walking from Auschwitz Poland to Berlin Germany and most of my actions were reported by Official Oswiecim Community HP, The State School of Higher Education in Owsiecim, Foundation “Mala Orkiestra Wielkiej Pomocy”, International Youth Center Oswiecim and Local media.
Gima Oswiecim

*Oswiecim HP

wspolczesnosc Nowoczesnosc

*The State School of Higher Education in Oświęcim,

*Foundation Mala Orkiestra Wielkiej Pomocy”

*International Youth Center Oswiecim / Międzynarodowy Dom Spotkań Młodzieży w Oświęcimiu (MDSM)

During staying Oswiecim – Around 10 days, With Government, NPO, International Organization, Students all together I could do the great actions which is as bellow

<*Jewish Center Cafe Bergson>- Lecture for International Students
<*Oswiecim Government & Foundation “Mała Orkiestra Wielkiej Pomocy”>
-Helping kids who has a problems with serious intractable disease.
& visiting School in Oswiecim in order to make an agreement for Peace Week Education
<*International Youth Center>
-Lecture & Pre-tree planting with International Volunteers & German students.

It was quite great great honor to cooperation with all of them in a actions for peace!
Actually it was quite miracle time for us, because in a quite short time period
even everybody were quite busy to do many other actions, as soon as we called and gathered the people, immediately people unite and could hold several actions!

It is what I have tried to spread the message to people through my actions!!
which is- We have a power! And our power definitely influence the people and make a big movements!!!

This time actions and all my actions for peace in each places,
It is not because of me, but all the things is because of the local people who tried their best made the miracle themselves!

This time I do felt and saw the people’s power!!!!!

Thank you very much everybody! to accept me to do some actions for peace at Oswiecim! And from this time encounter I do keep continue to do my action at the area!!!

Dziękuję bardzo smile emoticon pokój!!!

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