“Good People” & “Good Work” ~Everybody can be someone Angel~

“Good People” & “Good Work” ~Everybody can be someone Angel~

Today 26th of Feb as the 2nd Peace action at Oswiecim with Governor of Oswiecim County we visited one family for helping the kids. In Oswiecim there are lots of children who has a problems due to Incurable disease. And in Oswiecim there are the one foundation called “Mała Orkiestra Wielkiej Pomocy” has been trying their best to help the innocent kids raising the donation through their events or some activities – all the money which they earn, they donate the money for the kids.
When I heard the real pure humanitarian aid action with full of humanity! I felt I must do something for the kids even I am not polish!


As I mentioned in previous article! We all have a duty and responsibility to help the people or children who needs helps whoever whatever whenever.
I learned the humanity from Kids through my walking actions from China to London.
**At Vietnam when I was dying due to the problems of my body health, Vietnam local people, orphans staking on their life they saved my life, even they were very poor no food, no money, living at the situation of poverty.
**At Syria when the Conflict just started at their country, I was caught by government due to the situation of the country, the time over 200 kids protected my life and save my life forgetting the risk of losing their life!
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These kids even the situation might makes worst, but they chose the way to help who needs more helps. I learned the innocent heart and the real humanity of our human being. The experiences, and the people who were helped by them, I cannot avoid from the situation of Oswiecim, I cannot avoid from the people who really try their place young generation.

For the situation it is nothing matter who u are, or how old u are, and how your situation of living is, I truly believe naturally our goodwill and humanity appears in our inner peace across the all the frame of human being which always making a problems due to the race, religion, gender, or generation…

As a one person who was born in this planet, I decided to help the kids! I decided to do what I can do for them!

I really do appreciate the people and foundation who and where try to do their best for these kids and I do wish more and more local people and young generation start to do some actions for their place where is the most precious place for them because of the place of birth for them and for their ancestor.

More detail of the Foundation.
*Home Page : http://www.mowp.pl/
*Facebook Page :https://www.facebook.com/mowposwiecim

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