Real Peace Heart vibrates the other heart! & Effort for the Peace reach to something worse for the place & people.


When after I arrived in Oswiecim almost 4,5days I have tried to organize the event as the first event in Oswiecim in order to encouragement people and to inspiring the people and to empowering the people to start the actions for peace. Honestly it was the hardest place to organize some event or action through my actions for Peace.
*Not only the place but many places there are the hardness following as bellow

1.) – firstly before I arrive the place, I sent several official letter to the Organization, or Government but 100% nobody reply my letter which is normal reaction because of the letter wrote in ENGLISH not their mother language, and even I tried to do a good actions – people couldn’t meet or hear these people like me so people doubt and ignore the letter.

2.)-Because of the situation of people’s response which I mention in above, I have to visit directly the office to ask the actions. The people’s reaction is normally trying to avoid from the situation. Or because of my baby face (normally western country people think I am a student.) Just because of two reason generally people doesn’t try to listen carefully about my words.

However I didn’t give up here in Oswiecim and I haven’t gave up even once through my 7 years peace actions because I know there is the people have a real mind of Peace! And I truly believe if I keep Peace in my heart trying my best what I can do with full of patience waiting the people appears in front of me, exactly I could meet those people and could do some actions which is worth for the place & people.

This time Oswiecim It was hard to manage but I could meet several wonderful people who has a peace heart and I might can do some actions for Peace in Oswiecim.

Life – most of the things are unexpectedly happens, and but with good reason which trying best to do a good things for the others with Peace Heart, exactly some people appears in every single situation!



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