In Our Daily Life, There are full Peace! & Happiness ~Oswiecim to Mikolow~


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On 21st of Feb I started walking again after 2 years long break.

On 21st of Feb walked from Oswiecim to Tychy,-20km and 23rd of Feb from Tychy to Mikolow, – 10km I walked.
Here is the some atmosphere where I saw during my walking from Oswiecim to Mikolow.

Through this post I would like to share what is purpose for restart walking.  One of the biggest reason was because of the situation of this world! – became more madness and worse situations each area the people started to fight each other due to the differences of human race.
When I finished my walking from China to London, since 2013 I established my Peace Education Program called – Peace Week focus on educating Young generations. But time by time, year by year the people’s screaming, people’s worry, people fears I could hear much more than the past period of my actions. Therefore I really felt “Isn’t it enough to do my Peace Action not only peace week Education Project? but I must restart walking for this world in order to awake people’s humanity & right to peace through my walking actions.” (It is because just hold the peace week education, just 1 week, and just few students I could educate or inspire, but if I start walking through trying to hold the actions each region even I cannot do many actions but all the way of my approaching, Government, NGO group, students, local people, all different kinds of peace I would meet and each moment I could spread the message of Peace!)

And more over the time of the year 2015 support my idea of restart walking! Because this year was the right time to restart walking for peace!
**70 anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation Camp, **25th anniversary of Breaking down the Berlin Wall,
**70 anniversary of ending pacific war, **40 anniversary of ending Vietnam war..
For the world it is the important year for Peace!

Through my walking not only my serious peace message, but through my actions I would like everybody feel again the daily life happiness at the place where you live and where you are belong to.

I restart walking from Auschwitz but I dare to not share the pictures of Auschwitz, but I do share the area of daily life people’s atmosphere and environment which is able to see everywhere in our life!

What I want to say through the pictures is even we have differences of human races but our daily life is exactly same!
Full of Peace moment with family, friends, and neighbors at ordinary common atmosphere.
And I do want every start some small actions for Peace individually and at daily life.

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