True Feeling for this world

True Feeling for this world

How many people understand the real world situation❓and
How many people try the best to make a better world and peaceful world from individual action?

This time I would like to tell you my honest feeling.
As everybody know I do try all my best for peace through my actions. I did tried my best, and I do try now too. And always I try to show my positive energy! With positive message! Which is

“Everybody can do a small action for Peace It is possible to make a peaceful world”

At beginning of my peace action I do not have any experiences to see the reality of the world! But year by year, action by action I do can see real situation of the world.
Simply and concisely I would like to say the words for every easy to understand it

“World is much more serious situation than we thought”

So many nations, religious group, and people start conflict due to the differences of human races. Everywhere there are full of distraction following the economy and capitalism which all comes from people’s greed.
The world became worse and worse, however people just sit on the comfortable chairs and does not feel anything. –Everything is control the world to not be seen the real situation by the people who have a power or position, and money.

I do continue to try to wake up the people by my by actions.
But nobody awake, nobody try to face on the reality of the world! Nobody try to do the actions peace even we can do some!
And because of the reality of the world situation, and people’s behavior which people be onlooker or hypocrite, it makes me much more serious to feel there is no hope! and really lose the hope for this world.

Please do not just follow the rules which is easy to control by people who have power, position, or money.
Please do not just worry about the keeping up the appearance avoiding the honest feeling.
If we keep follow the rules and keep up the appearance, and avoid the real feeling of you guys! Can we make a better world peaceful world????

Yes if we start it would be risky! -But if we keep avoid from real situation future the situation would be much worse and who got the bad influence is exactly us!
Why be brave and using wise view trying to make a better world? Not for us but for the future?

Before so many people tied their best for the future doing not spared out their life!
Now the world where we live in this world is made by ancestor in a good way and bad way.

When 100, 200 years later our posterity what will the think about nowadays situation of our behavior?? Would it be venerable? Or respectable?
Personally I do not think so… If I was our posterity, I assume on this situation!

Everybody who read the message, please do not push button of “LIKE” please!
But please start to think about this world. Think about your possibility!
Think about your responsibility! Think about your mission and destiny in this life!
And face on the reality of the life! PLEASE!

I do really feel this state of emergency!
Please wake up Please!
And please start to be brave and start the action for this world!
World is dying, our peace sprit were disappearing……………..

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