Everything for Innocent kids…… Restart Peace Walk

What is our responsibility in the life? Nowadays many people forget our responsibility as a one of creatures. Just following our Joy, or Excitement, or enjoyable stuff, don’t we waste our time and our life???Through my walking actions, through my Peace Education project, year by year I felt much more serious of this world! As much as I can I tried my best, or some other organization or group tried their best how did our world change a better side? Answer is we and the world change much harder and much worse situation which we ever experiences.Our duty is keep the world to the next generation, our responsibility is making much better world and country to the young generation not following these materialism or capitalism but when the Earth appears in this universe all the creature kept their responsibility to the next generation!

How many people keep this responsibility in the life??? I think the percentage of the people who try keeping our responsibility would be very low number.

I really don’t want to say this words but, as soon as I started my peace action I lost the hope I felt it is impossible to make peace in this world!
Recently more and more my feeling became and bigger. But why keep doing my actions? It is because of my duty and because of my destiny!

If I show my losing hope for this world, the kids the children who will be born for the future, how they can keep their hope?? How they can live in this world?
I do think the point always and I push myself and keep doing my actions for peace!

Today 21st of Feb after 2 years break, I restarted walking. One step, two step three step…
as if shaking off my disappointment & my negative emotion for this world
and as if praying the world to better place I just walked.

Magically every counting of my pushing forward my foot my body and heart became lighter and lighter in mine element.
Like the wheel starts to roll on the railway – first step is slowly but step by step the speeds with increasing speed my walking for peace and my heart for peace raise the energy.

I do not know how long can I keep walk for peace, I do not know who long can I do my action for peace, but shouldn’t I keep doing my action and walking as a one of the creature got birth in this world till the time when all my part of body are scatted and till the time when all the blood comes appear and my bone break and comes appear tearing the flesh and till I couldn’t walk and couldn’t do any actions?

Everything because of innocent kids…………..

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