Count down of my kick-off my Peace Walk from “Auschwitz” to “Berlin” ~Seeing the real situation of Oswiecim & Poland~


On 17th of Feb using long trip from Japan to Poland via Russia I arrived in Poland Warsaw. And 18th of Feb I moved to Oswiecim (Auschwitz) and from today 19th of Feb I started to organize the kickoff my Peace Walk from Auschwitz to Berlin.

As a first step I did visited City Hall trying to reach Mayor of Oswiecim (Auschwitz) …
-Although because of Mayor’s being out of the town for Vacation, the people who works at the office kindly introduced me two location site of Organization *one was Jewish Center (, and other was place *International Youth Center ( where quite active for organizing the Peace Actions. At same day I visited two offices and Director of Jewish Center told me one answer “YES” as soon as he listened my message.

By the grace of his kindness on 25th of Feb I will be able to hold the event for young generation who came from abroad as a volunteers, local people, and local students of Auschwitz. Moreover International Youth Center officer, local people, they tried to help me to do the actions at Auschwitz and still there are full of possibility to gather more people & government people toward my first event of Peace Walking from Auschwitz to Berlin.

What did I amazed was the atmosphere of the Oswiecim which was not only the World Heritage site but the Educational site as much as the tourist area.
However through the process of my preparation of my first event of Peace before start walking I felt different view of this town which is Dark side!

What was the dark side! which I saw during 3days was

*1.) -The facility of Museum or Center there are just foreign students no any local students there. NO polish students!

*2.)- Only Foreign students are doing volunteer at each organization & facility.

*3.)-Through trying to manage the event of meeting at Jewish Center, I do had to communicate with Director of Jewish Center, What was his words was “I just arrow you to speak in our event, but we cannot be an organizer, we cannot do anything like official announcement for gathering the people, U are the organizer.

Everybody, through this three point of view which I saw and had experiences can you realize something??

Local students actually don’t do as same as Foreign students do volunteer
– For these foreign students it would be great experiences as exchange program
but what I wondered was why the people don’t try to educate or give local students a chance to learn the history through the volunteer actions at own country and hometown with foreign students. -Which would be most important education and actions for young generation to start to think about peace, and to act for peace, and spread peace from this important place for Peace!

Through the points & hardness of organizing the event at this town Oswiecim
I understood why the place became this situation!

It is because through the World War 2 there were the Nazi Concentration Camp and had sad history of Jewish
– But fact is here Polish people didn’t got hurt directly. Just few Jewish people who lived in Poland were killed.
Therefore even there were sad negative history but people who lived in Poland have not have an experiences like Japan Hiroshima, Nagasaki, or other country history of War as VICTIM.

Through these differences of point, people couldn’t feel what is real Peace as same as Japanese or country has real experiences of War as a victim! So even I came here or even foriegn stuydents came – people couldnt feel any appreciation or respect!
For them it is normal! They might get use to it the situation and start to not do any actions by themselves.

Anyway I really do feel here Oswiecim has golden opportunity to being real town of Peace!
But if just focus on the abroad gathering the people or students from different country rather than focus on local students or local people, the place would lost the real soul of Peace!

I really do worry about the situation because most of the people who has the experiences were passed away! and nobody have not personal experiences of the sad hisotry at this place!

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