~Walk for Peace~


Soon I will start walking again for Peace staking on my life.

Walking action looks very simple and easy.
Tree planting, holding lectures, helping the orphanages..
If just seeing the actions. it looks nothing hard to do, and it looks very easy to do.
Looks everybody can do…

But it is not easy….

*Walking alone & finding the route alone. – It is most solitary actions.
*Just bringing one’s self to the country & place where men don’t have any connections don’t have any friends and starting walking and where walking arrived, trying to open local people heart to make trust Peace and make them to do the action for Peace.
– It is the hardest actions.

Because need to dedicate ourselves and need to believe the people whenever and whatever.

This lonely and hardest action, now I try to start again…..
Every single time when I start walking even I have full of experiences,
I feel fears. I worry rather than feeling joyful or excitement.

But why I can bring myself to the place where I don’t know and be able to start walking is because everything comes from my trust & believes this world and everybody and I do wish everybody’s happiness & do wish peaceful world without any fighting, without any argument, without any hates,and without any conflict..
These trust, and wish braces my courage up in my heart and I can start taking a step forward.

One step….
Two step….
Three step……..

Each step releases my fears, and my worries,
and my love, my trust, my peace increase in my heart
I can keep walking for the country and for peace.

I believe my walking inspires, encourages, and empowers the people to start the actions for peace not negative way but positive way which dedicate ourselves and try to do some good actions for the others using our humanity.

I believe everybody have this courage – the courage of Peace.
I believe we can reach to the goal of Peace uniting together.

Peace in our Hearts!
Peace at Home!
Peace in the World
Peace on Earth!

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