Peace Walk 2015 From Auschwitz to Berlin (FEB to APRIL) & Berlin to Normandy (Oct to Dec)

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Dear All

-Official Invitation Letter for cooperation & collaboration in “Peace” Action
Raising the common awareness of Peace & Protection the Environment & Awaking people humanity & right to peace

Please accept this letter for future cooperation & collaboration in “Peace” Action
which designed and financial by me -Founder of Peace Week initiative & Peace messenger / Environmentalist YUJI MIYATA-

On 7th September 2001 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted resolution “A/RES/55/282”, which declared 21st September to be observed as International Day of Peace. On this day various activities around the world are organized under t he name “Culture of Peace” – a United Nations Peace Messenger initiative.

As Peace messenger and International Representative of Celebration Earth – a special project called “The Culture of Peace Initiative”, designated by the United Nations as a Peace Messenger Initiative and the leading event of the 2009 International Day of Peace, I have had spread the message of peace and environmental protection to the global community by walking and doing several kinds of activities such as organizing Peace Day events, the planting of trees, helping and giving hope to young generations especially orphans.

After my long walking mission from China to London, walking 12,500 km for a total of five years, planting 4060 trees, visiting 700 schools and 200 orphanages in 17 different countries, I began a new project called “Peace Week”. It is planned as an educational project which spreads peace and is especially aimed at young generations. 2013, 2014 I held this project at Sofia Bulgaria cooperated with Bulgaria Ministry of Environment and Water, Ministry of Youth & Sport, Embassy of Indonesia, Egypt, Palestine, South Korea and Japan, United Nation Association of Bulgaria, Municipality of Sofia (Bulgaria), Municipality of Kutina (Croatia), Municipality of Jagodina (Serbia), and Ministry of Education Croatia.

Through my walking actions, and Peace education I did impacted on this world and inspired the people especially young generation, however on the other hand the world situation became worse year by year. Therefore not only my educational actions but from this year 2015 Not only Peace Week Project but also I will start walking again for inspiring, for encouragement, and for empowering the people to start the action for peace at dairy life individually.

As a first steps I will walk from
“Auschwitz Birkenau German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp” Poland TO Berlin Germany ( From Feb to April ) and
“Berlin Germany to “Normandy France” (From Oct to Dec)

With full of respect & appreciation I would like to propose everybody for supporting my Peace Actions with local people along the way of my peace walking from Auschwitz to Berlin and Berlin to Normandy France.

This year is quite important year for Peace,
70 anniversary of  the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau,
25th Anniversary of Breaking down the wall of Berlin,
70 anniversary of ending the world war 2.

Through the Peace Actions I do wish people start to respect each other, unite together and try to do sustainable actions and educations to the next generation of the world toward Peace.

I strongly believe the actions for peace together would be a great opportunity for forming the peace rainbow from tears of the earth & human being to the bright future. Please consider and accept my big peace action in order to raise the future hopes of the young generation.

Best Regards

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