Talking about present situation of people’s mind & society problem ~~Experiences of visiting Kagoshima Chiran & meeting with people from all kind of people~


Now in this world there are full of negative factor appears in our heart. If I chose the symbol words of the heart and behavior of present situation are the words of “Retaliation” and “Negative circulation”

Firstly I would like to talk about “Retaliation” and as a beginning of talking about this issue, I would like to ask everybody.

-When we got some negative influence from the people such as being harmed physically and mentally, or directly and indirectly, just because of “Hate” and because of the “Anger”, or “Frustration” doing same things for the others is the way to solve the problems? In my opinion I don’t think so, because when we do retaliate with expression of our “Hate” and “Anger”, definitely other people’s “Anger” and “Hate” appears in the hearts. And it would be easy to make eternal negative circulation of “retaliation”.

I do believe not only victim but also assailant both people would have big injures in the heart especially assailant couldn’t avoid from the pain appearing from people’s goodwill, and conscience. Not only retaliation but when we lie or when we did bad things such as burglar, steal, or some illegal things or inhumane actions, even nobody didn’t see what we did, ourselves we cannot avoid from our heart! It keeps appears in our heart as injures in our heart lest of our life.

In Japan we do have these culture of Retaliation called “Adauchi” & “Katakiuchi” when was the Edo Period. But when after the Meiji Restoration, Japanese government made a rule – Rules of Ban on Revenge in 1873.

If just see this rules and following our national constitution of Peace –

“We don’t fight anybody & any countries whatever & whenever” which the government made when we lost the war in 1945, many people will think Japan has a great country because of that! Nowadays in Japan we have a problems related with the Negative Circulation which I mention in a first paragraph -”Negative Circulation”
So what is the problems of Negative Circulation in Japan? .

1.) Increasing the number of incidents and accident due to the influences from western culture of “focusing of Individual” & due to the Education problems and people easy to forget what is humanity, what is the morality and what is the life.

2.) Media Broadcasting Problems – the most of the broadcasting news are negative which is incident or accident, or some misery, and those news definitely influences the people’s mind & people’s behavior like brain wash. Through the negative influences from the news the negative things causes the other incident or accident and some negative things.

3.)Due to this situation of Media and problems of education & society,

even if people didn’t get some sort of brain wash, people easy to start to think too much about the future or some present situations, and worry & protect overabundant. Actually I do think this number 3 is the biggest problems in Japan.

Government, School, Company, Media, People all worry about appearance to the public! And avoid and hide their true feeling which comes appearing from our humanity such as goodness, kindness, and conscience.

I would like to share my personal experiences which I just have had in few days ago.This year I have tried to hold my “Peace Week” Project in Japan Kagoshima Chiran where the suitable place for spreading the message of peace, and for focusing on our inner heart. In order to making an agreement for future cooperation in Peace Week Peace Education Project I visited the mayor’s office and had a meeting with Mayor and government people. They welcome us genteelly and said us they tried to support our actions as much as we can. But when we had a discussion with some museum department people, and local accommodation’s owner even they liked or loved my actions but all of them focused on the appearance to the public, and some risks for them and the small community of this area rather than following their true heart.

I do want to say following the worry and following the risk, following some mistake,
following small things is it the way to improve our society? Is it the way to make a better place?
People just follow the very small things and forget the main point of the purpose which how to make a better place, which how to shine the next generation to live more peacefully and beautifully.

I think not only Japan but also generally this three point of the problems are happens in this world! and I wish everybody feel this problems!

SO what is the way the way of making a better world?
What is the way the way of keeping our heart of humanity?
The answer is “Love” with “Kindness” and little “Courage”

Whatever we got the attitude from the people, whenever we stand in the situation or environment, trying to do what we can do as a human being with goodwill and conscience, even it is hard, exactly we can influence the others, exactly we can change the situation, and even it couldn’t change, through our behavior in our heart there would be full of positive energy inside and start to be not able to get influence from the others or environment.

This time of visiting Kagoshima Prefecture which I mention in above I really feel this kindness and love from the people who supported my meeting and actions even they lived in different place, and had to do their own business, but making time for this action for Peace!

I do wish we can make the better world from individual action with humanity.
I do believe our love & kindness can influence the world to be a better world
from people’s good behavior.

Due to the history, due to the differences of way of thinking, we argue each other, we fight each other, but there is the light we all have a light of goodwill & conscience. Let’s release our anger or hate and forgive the people & shining the others for making a better world together.

I am also not perfect person, but I do try to improve the human goodwill and try to do what we can do with my humanity!

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