~Announcement of my Peace action from this year~ “Start walking again for Peace for this world”

~Announcement of my Peace action from this year~

“Start walking again for Peace for this world”

???????????????????????????????Dear All of my Peace family & Peace friend.
Firstly I do express my appreciation and sincere thanks for all the time concern for peace, and kindness, and support for my actions.

As you know *from 2007 to 2012 I walked 17 different countries from China to London doing my peace actions by variety of actions and event which is tree planting, lecture at school, helping poor kids, appearing the media, organizing the International day of Peace ceremony. And from 2013 I established my Peace Week Institution educating world young generations in order to raise the consciousness of Peace which is
“Think about Peace”, “Act for Peace”, and “Spread the peace” individually at dairy life.
Through my 7 years Peace actions I always try my best for Peace.

However the world situation became worse and worse, people forget the real meaning of life becoming more selfish,and my precious people continue to get hurts in this world… This situation turns on the fire in my Peace Heart again!

And I decided to stand up again for everybody!

Using this message I announce my determination to everybody that I will start my walking again till I die.

As a first step this year I will walk from Auschwitz Birkenau German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp, Poland to Normandy France in order to make people to realize what was happens in past history of human being and to not make same mistake in our human history.

This year is important year for this world!
It is 25th anniversary of Breaking down the Berlin Wall.
It is 70 anniversary of end of Pacific war.

As a Japanese, as an Earthman, I will stake on my life I will walk from Poland to France! and not only my walking action, but every International day of Peace when is 21st of September I do hold my Peace Education Project called ”Peace Week” gathering the students from all over the world in order to make bright future toward peace from young generation. -This year I try to organize at Chilan, Kagoshima, Japan where lots of Japanese students who under 20 to early 20 year’s old took wing and lost their precious life as TOKKOTAI which were suicide attack in the closing stages of the Pacific campaign of World War II in Japan.

It is impossible to change the world on myself.
Please give me a hand for peace!
Let’s unite together and do the actions individually at dairy life!

The small actions shine the world and change the world a better place!
Everybody have a Heart of Peace!
Everybody have a fire in our Peace Heart!
Everybody have a light of Peace Heart!
Raise our light of Peace Heart! And shine the world!!!

Here is my message for this world! for everybody!

This is my message for everybody!
This is my wish my wish for this world.
The Peace will find its way to every boy and girl
and Fire of Peace lights on everybody hearts.

This is my wish my wish for everybody.
The Fire of Peace heats everybody’s hearts
and its makes people to love each other.

This is the time, time for harmony.
Let Beat of Peace Heart be oscillated others heart
like a “One drop of the water become a wave and moved forever on the Sea.

Fill the love with kindness.
Raise your light of Peace in your peace heart
with your goodness & conscience!
Let there be peace on earth!
Let there be peace on earth!!
Unite our light of Peace Heart!
Shine the other who needs hope & faith in their life!
Shine! Shine! Shine!
Let shine using our Fire of Peace Heart!
Shine whole world focusing on your heart!
Let there be peace on earth!

I can feel the beat of everybody Heart of Peace!
I can see the light of Peace in everybody’s heart!
Together we could shine others and help the others!
Let it start in our heart!
Let it start with you and me for everybody!
Let every nation rise the light of Peace and
Shine the light of Peace fire in our heart!
Let there be peace on earth!


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