For the noble cause of Peace ~What do we need to do?~

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These days in order to prepare the next year action for peace, I have had full of meeting with people from Government, NGO, Company, School, students since I came to Japan when was last Oct 2014. I do feel many point of Japanese people way of thinking.

In Japan these days most of the people understand -Japan is “TOO Peaceful country” –
My friend came from abroad for their vacation they also said -“Japan is most peaceful and most safe country in this world where they have visited.
That is true in my opinion through my experiences. As a evidence Next year 2015 it is 70 Anniversary of the end of the Pacific war in Japan, and for the last several decades Japan have kept our peace following our the 9th article of constitution – which is Peace rule – <whatever, whenever we don’t fight with any country>

Although Japanese people who I met and talked about the issue of Peace most of them added their opinions “Japanese people are too use to live in this peaceful situation in Japan, and have forgotten the real meaning of Peace”
– Yes I do agree this point, BUT I felt more serious situation in Japan which is Japanese people stop to think from this point not to dig deeper into the matter such as…
“How we can keep this peaceful situation in the future”
“What we can do for Peace as an individually at our dairy life”

Let’s follow the track of Japanese history of predecessor! In Japanese history of predecessor there were the people who had innocent heart & full of passion for Japan future and deep desire with determination of the moral virtues of loyalty. The most of them were 20 to 30 year’s old and they had lost their life due to this innocent heart following the trend of the time and milestone of time who was
* Shinsengumi -a samurai group who guarded Kyoto towards the end of the Edo period.
* The Kamikaze Tokubetsu Kōgekitai (特別攻撃隊 “Special Attack Unit” ) abbreviated as Tokkō Tai (特攻隊?), and used as a verb as Tokkō (特攻 “special attack”?) were suicide attacks by military aviators from the Empire of Japan against Allied naval vessels in the closing stages of the Pacific campaign of World War II, designed to destroy warships more effectively than was possible with conventional attacks.

Shinsengumi and Tokko Tai’s periods were the time of unable to study as much as they  wish due to the class system or financial problems, however these young generations who was same age as current time students deeply had thought and deeply understood the way of life and way of country following morality & focusing on the people who live in the future at own country – therefore even they knew it is not the right way to do however staking on their life and using their life they show us what is humanity and what is the name of family!
Every country there were the people who tried their best for their family for their country and for the people who will be born in the future forgetting own happiness.

Some people said they did bad things from view of differences or view of their country history, but what I felt and what is my opinion is these people were not guilty.
The problem was the time of trend, “War” made the world and country and people to drive mad.

What is my point is comparing these predecessor whom used their life for their country what if they did bad thing or good things, current time people especially “Students” we don’t have any problems, have better environment which is as much as we can be able to study improving the knowledge or gaining the information, we have forgotten the real way of life because it is too peaceful not necessary to think how and why we can live peacefully.

**Fact -When I visited Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus in order to hold lecture meeting, I asked students what is your dream. Most of the student’s answer was related with money, position, or honor stuff. Few of them said their dream which is focusing on contribution to society.

Adult people are same too! “Peace action”, “Environment Protection Action”, why people focus on the abroad where has problems of poverty or problems of public security and said we cannot do any action for peace or for protection the environment!
What we need is we need to focus on ourselves, each of our country, each of our country and next generation to make better country not following the materialism or competitive society but focusing on our humanity and morality and start to do what we can do at our daily life which is for family, for children, for neighbor, or for their community.

We should focus on the predecessor who made our world with full of deep mind and with innocent heart & humanity for their family and for their country, and for the world! Because we all have a responsibility for this world especially for our next generation making a peaceful world and better world!

This month Dec I will visit the place where is related with these predecessor whom was Tokko (which I mention in above!) and tried to learn their passion for their country, way of thinking regarding War, and humanity of their family and country.

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