What is the real education??

What is the real way of education?

Every country have own history,
Every country have own knowledge,
Every country have own Tradition,
Every country have own culture.
And reminding the mentarily of the country
Ancient people hand the knowledge & Tradition to next generation.

There were Ecosystem,
There were circulations of humanity.
There are the way of coexist!

But using the name of civilization, using the name of globalization,
Now many country lost their own history, knowledge, tradition, culture.

I do see the world real situation in my eyes!
We all goes wrong direction.

We don’t need to follow the trend of the world
which is money, honor, prize or position.

We do need to focus on our diversity.
We do need to focus on our mentality of humanity.
We do need to focus on our morality.

Respect each other,
Respect the differences of human frame
race, religion, gender, generation…

Rich or Poor, Weak or Strong,
Well educated, or not

It is the time to think what is the real way of our co-exist!
It is the time to focus on our educational system!!!

Let’s educate our young generation in a right way!
The education would change the country and would change the world!

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