Today is a very good day to die



Today is a very good day to die.
Every living thing is in harmony with me.
Every voice sings a chorus within me.
All beauty has come to rest in my eyes.
All bad thoughts have departed from me.
Today is a very good day to die.
My land is peaceful around me.
My fields have been turned for the last time.
My house is filled with laughter.
My children have come home.
Yes today is a very good day to die.


If our life finished today, how many people can accept the death?
I think nowadays most of the people couldn’t accept the death immediately.
Why? Because regrets? Because of the things left which you have to do?
Every single feeling & reason of an unacceptable death comes from our tenacious of purpose in this life. However our money, our position, our prize, our stuff which now we have not be able to bring to the next world of soul.

Our life is limited, and most of the people forget about this limitation
– *limitation of our life and -*limitation of the other life which lives in this mother earth. And someday we all have to leave from this world.

Accepting our limitation of our life and limitation of our world, and with our peaceful heart and awareness of the harmony we would be able to find the real way of life – finding the real work in our life not just focus on the money, or position, or prize.

In “Native American Teachings” – there is the sentence
“I prefer my son to be a good-will city cleaner who works very hard every day in order to clean and make a beautiful city atmosphere rather than honorable lawyer whom takes charge of unlawful incident.

What do the sentences tell us is importance of our way of life!
– Way of life focusing on the process and inner heart not the result and some material stuff. If we follow our world trend called competition society & elite society, we would be dominated by these values and get stress and pressure and easy to lost the real way of our life. The sentence of Native Americans Teaching is the message for people whom live in a present society.

I myself I am ready to leave this world because I have tried my best for peace through my action. I have no regrets! I have nothing I expect in my life! But I might focus on result more than my process of my action which is to growing the next Peace Messenger through my Peace Week Educational Project. More than focusing on the result, more than focusing on the others I will focus on myself what I can do for this world again – which is my walking action inspiring people, encouragement people.

Every single moment of my life, with death name of giving us the real meaning of life, I will try my best for world peace!

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