What is real wealth?
Why you could get high education?
Why you could get your high position in this society?
Why you could get some prize?
Why you could get be rich?

Most of the people feel because of oneself.
Nowadays many people are so selfish and forget about the real meaning.

*Why you could get high education
-Because for leading the people and for educating people and for help the people
who couldn’t study because of many reason and for growing the next generation to make a better world!

*Why you could get high position in this society?
-Because for finding the problems of the society and for solving the problems of the society in order to make a better world!

*Why you could get some prize?
-Because for inspiring the people and for encouragement the people
especially young generation to keep their pure dream and hope in this world.

*Why you could get be rich?
-Because for helping people who have a problems due to poverty.

And please think about the process – all the way toward your situation
So many people help you and now you could live in this atmosphere!

As this video not for saving yourself, but for helping the others!
Please use your cleverness which is comes from high education!
Please use your high position!
Please use your awards or prize!
Please use your money!
For who need helps, who need encouragement, who need inspiration,
who need light in their life!

There is the full of reason why you could get these stuff!
When you share your stuff in your heart! The world would be much simple and much easy to reach the goal of Peace! which all we need!

I do want to say “Real Wealthy people” is
the person can be able to share
“Themselves”, “time”, “Money”, “Knowledge”, “Heart” and “Life”

I do believe “Real Wealthy people” is
person whom can share everything “Materially” and “Mentally” & 
I do believe “Real Wealthy people” is people whom
can feel the happiness from their heart through their sharing.

We don’t need to compete each other, we don’t need to discriminate judging the people like “who is cleverer”, “who have a lots of money”, “who is the higher position in society”…..

Now what we need is From our heart to start to share everything making the people who is connected with you happily.

If we follow our greed, we couldn’t protect our nature, we couldn’t solve our problems – continuously we would fight each other in different way,
“Countries relationship- “War”, “Economy -purchase “….

“Development” needs to be not following with material way!
OUR “Development” needs to follow our inner heart -“Improvement”
growing our “Humanity” need to be much simple!

Because our life, our earth is limited -“finite” not infinity…
Our Life-Development through many ways need to gives us
Inner-happiness! Through relationship with others, through love and
from our humanity !

That is the way of Peace!!!!
Peace comes in our heart!
Peace comes from our words and deeds!
Peace comes from our humanity!
Let’s try to share from ourselves!

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