Humanity with full of respect the differences of human being makes the unity of Peace


I have a great great great news from my friend named Ivo Simonella who is the member of municipality assembly & director of environment protection at Portogruaro Veneto Province Italy.

During my walking action for Peace from China to London 2007 to 2012, as a one of the country of my walking I walked passed the country of Italy and at Portogruaro with him, we held lecture meetings at 3 elementary schools and one secondary school, and planted tree for Peace and for protection the environment at public park.
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Time goes by 2 years and half has passed, I have started new action for peace focusing on young generation in order to awake young generation’s humanity & right to peace and empower the people to start their own action for peace individually at their dairy life. And honestly I have been wondering how many people from the young generation to the people who worked with me such as government, NGO, company, educational institution, media and students…. Could I inspire through my actions??? because It is hard to see the result and progress for peace through my actions.

Today It has been 2 years, I saw the news from him! He walked for PEACE!
When I saw his walking action for Peace,
I couldn’t stop to say “Wow” Maybe I said thousands time. It makes me so happy, because from young generation or in my age young people express and tell me their passion & new action for peace quite often, but from people who is elder than me and who works at government, or who has a high position people I have not receive some news.
Therefore it amazed me a lot because of his great great great action for peace!
Once again Mr. Ivo Simonella Thank u so much for sharing such a wonderful action for peace! telling the world that we can do the action for peace individually at our dairy life!
In my action for peace, from nothing from no any connections with people in this world I did walked over 12,500 km held lectures at 700 schools, helped 200 orphanages, and I have held the big project called Peace Week for Peace cooperating with embassy, ministry, municipality, government, NGO, School, company…. From Ambassador,Minister, Governor, Mayor, CEO, Director, Principal,Famous star, ordinary people, students, and kids, I met so many kind of people and I inspired them personally and we unite together and did the action for peace together
The point is our humanity, and with full of respect and full of appreciation to try to understand the differences of people’s background such as country, race, generation, and gender. When we show our respect with full of kindness, the people become individual forgetting their position or their career or their selfishness, we can connect with people and start the friendship. Through the way from one by one we can connect with people and make big circle of friendship & circle of peace and can start the action for peace together.
I myself personally when I arrived in the country I try to be a local people trying to learn the language, culture, religion, and try to eat same food and try to sleep at same environment of the local people and express my honest that as my respect and as my appreciation want to do some action for peace for their environment and for local people. And I could make friendship with people and could do the action together!
And this friendship and this action even times goes by like 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40,50 years the feeling would keep in their heart! and grow the peace seed at their heart and make them to start some action for peace!!!!!!!!!
This is the way of peace with humanity!
This is the way of real human relationship!
This is the way of our life of co-exist!
We can live together,
We can do the action together
We can make peace in this world together.
Once again every thank you very much for being my friend! and thank you very much for every time concern, and start the action for peace at their place!

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