Common Destiny -name of peace-

On 27th of Oct, I visited “Te-Sheng” Church of “The Presbyterian Church” in Taiwan for giving a lecture to young generation.

The Project called “Pray for Syria” It is the project focus on young generation to do some action for Syria for Peace. In order to the young generation start the action for Syria & for Peace, I go and meet the young generation to inspire them though my experience & lectures.

It just started from 23rd of Oct,, but many things started in the world!!

In Sofia Bulgaria, One of my best friends who studies at “First English Language School” started to plan the next year 2013 project for gathering the donation to Syria.

More over the other kindest friends from Turkey, also they sent me a message that they would like to join doing some activities for helping Syria people!! It’s just only the part.

In Taiwan through the lecture meeting to young generation such as high school to university they exactly got some message of Peace, and they try to do some action through the donation! These are great example and hope! There are no big or small action for Peace for Syria. There are no different between big amount or small amount of the donation! The important thing is the heart! With the heart with inner peace, the action is all greatest and biggest action for Peace!!!

We have a great destiny in our life!! And if the people unite our destiny! We could exactly make a peace in this world!!!
How many people know their destiny? How many people continue to try living with own destiny?

In the life there are full of difficulties, sadness, sorrow, or misery… Through the experience some of the people give up their destiny, some of the people realize the destiny and start live focus on the destiny.

Why there are so many kinds of difficulties happened to our life?
In order to the people realize the destiny or to know the other people’s heart or thinking?

But I believe that these difficulties make you strong and sensitive, and feed a mind! The difficulties make you more “Humanitarian.

We all have a great destiny! The name of “Merit” Like a Jewel, each experience makes your heart beautifully! And strongly!

Be true to your heart!! Don’t try to be strong. Just live as you are. Show your emotion!
Always true friend gives you a power and lead to your destiny!

Let’s use our destiny and making wonderful sound like music!!! We are all a common destiny name of Peace!!!

I really learn again these things though my activites from young generation.

I really do appreciate the young people great heart and great action for Syria!! On behalf of Syria ordinary people I would like to say thank you,

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