Let It Be…

Let It Be….

July/2010 after I finished my walking through Vietnam toward London Olympic for taking a rest I visited my teacher’s home in Patagonia Chile. And before I went to the next step walking for Peace & Protection Environment from Vi
etnam to Thailand, at the moment my teacher wrote me some letter.
“The Encouragement message”
With wishes to complete long walk from Korea to London England for Peace.
The message was “Let It Be….”

And one more thing that what I couldn’t forget from my teacher Paul Coleman was when we were together in Okinawa Japan in a late night he sang a song “Let it be” and said to me.
“Always try to shake hand with people who work in a bottom of society, give a hand to them & say thank to them”

These are just a one of part of words from Paul Coleman, my whole life Soul Teacher.
I don’t know how many times his words gave me a power to keep walking toward Peace for people for this earth.

However somehow before I walked arrived in London, through my rude attitude I made him misunderstanding, afterwards our relationship stop from the moment…
But I never forget his words, always appreciate him, his words, his action…

After walking arrived in London, I keep trying to do action for Peace and be trying to organize the much more action for Peace. One thing called “Peace Week Project”
Using my connections with school where I visited and gave a lectures, I try to gether the young generation from different country for Peace week. Through the Peace week children from the different country think together the Peace, discuss the Peace, decide the 1 year project for Peace… It’s for raising the awareness of Peace & Protection the environment from young ages.

I am trying to manage this wonderful new project for Peace. & much more thing for Peace I try to do my best with full of appreciation to Paul Coleman.
“LET IT BE”……..

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