Always All My Power for Peace

These are the picture when I was making the “Peace Monument” for Peace day Ceremony in Edirne 21st of Sep 2012 at
02:00am in a midnight.

I always try my best for Peace. I always try to use all my power for Peace whenever, wherever, whoever
, I try my best with full of my smile. Even hard moment, Even the people don’t understand my message, my effort, and my passion for Peace I try to keep spreading the message of Peace in a positive way!
I believe that somehow the people, children could feel and understand my way of Peace.

On 21st of September, International day of Peace ceremony time, for the day I had used all my power, times for holding wonderful Peace day. It was hard, full of intricate problems, inconvenient situations so on…However at the end, the sculpture, children, Teacher, and local people it’s not much number, but they quite understand my message of Peace! I don’t expect all the people understand my message, if there are few people even one people understand, it’s really enough for me. For just for the few people I could use all of my stuff for Peace.

I want to tell some story when I was walking through Bolu, Turkey last year 2011. During my walking accidently I had have a serious injury in my foot joint. Full of pain, my joint became 2-3 times bigger than normal and internal bleeding… It was impossible to walk… However the moment I was on my way toward London, many people children, students said to me “Walk for Peace We are with you!” These people saying keep moving my steps toward Peace!

That is why I kept walking toward London toward Peace even its hard!! even inpossible to walk…

It’s really hard to keep doing my action for Peace but!! If there is the people even if only one people say Walk! Walk! Keep doing for Peace!Also even nobody say,,,
I will keep doing my effort for Peace! I keep using all of my power for Peace…..

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