International day of Peace -Learning a true heart from Children-

21st of September it’s “International Day of Peace”
For the day of celebration, from 27th of August I came to Turkey and had been organizing the Peace day Ceremony for spreading real peace message to the world and for giving a hope for the people and for Children. It was also for express my appreciation to the people who helped me all my way walking toward London Olympic I tried my best to hold a wonderful Peace day ceremony in Turkey!

Why I chose Turkey! It was because of the location and recently world situation!! Now the biggest problem in this world is Syria’s Conflict, and Turkey is located in the next to Syria. From the country which located in Syria and more over Turkey is in a middle of Asian side, African side, and European side! Culturally Geographically from Turkey to spread the message of Peace was really suitable place I thought!
This was the biggest reason for choosing Turkey! And Edirne is the border city of Europe and Asia side! In a history more than 17times the place was changed the kingdoms and countries. That mean always there had been fighting in this area! Historically when we think about the peace it was also quite wonderful place to hold the peace day event in Edirne!!!
These are the great opportunity to spread real peace message for the world!!

However it was really hard to organize the peace day event!! 99% of preparing the peace day event I do organized almost everything on myself, such as getting permission from Education Department, writing official letter to governor, visiting schools to decide the detail of the events, ordering foods, t-shirt, and peace monument, and making peace monument!!!
In addition all the finance I used all my money for the event!!! It is because all of the things that is personally I would like to show my appreciation for the people who helped to my walking from china to London 2007-2012.

The people who helped me were a biggest motivation to keep organizing the peace day event!!!! And the Children who tried their best to preparing the peace day event activities gave me a power to make wonderful activities on 21st of September!

The all preparing was finished at 2;00 am on 21st of September! Non stopping preparation from end of August to 21st of September!! From morning to midnight! I work and work and work and tried my best!!!The day!!!

The International day of Peace!In the morning at high school and afternoon I could hold Peace monument opening ceremony cooperating with students, children, schools teachers, Municipality Of Edirne, and Education department of Edirne.It was really really wonderful moment! At the morning speech, I was almost crying because of hard preparing and hard walking action toward Peace, and the students and children warmest kindness from bottom of their heart!!!!

For Children, for our next generation We must unite!!!!!!! We really need to think about Peace!

Through my Peace day preparing and the action on International day of Peace I really want to say strongly “We have a power”!!!

If we have a mind of Peace, If we have a mind of Protection the environment, we can do a wonderful action in our heart!!!No matter the occupation, no matter the country, no matter the generation, if we have a mind and passion for Peace for Environment!! Exactly the people will feel your emotion and feel the passion and start moving the situation positive way!!Most important thing is in your heart!!!!! Not the others! Not the government, not the country! Not the age!
Let’s forget about the shape of the human being like Children!!

Today I learned again many things from Children from Students!!
They have a mind of humanity! They have a mind of kindness, gentleness, and they don’t have any border between any shapes of human being which adult people made in their brain.

We need to learn more things from our children. We need to think more simply like children!! We need to love and to like the people without any reason!!!without any thinking of interest!!!Let’s start to have a mind of humanity!

Let’s start to think like children!!!
Let’s start to feel like children!!!
Let’s start to learn more things from our children!!!
It will be really true Mental Revolution in our heart!! The name of Peace Revolution from the heart!!!!

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