All I want to say to everybody is the words “words” of “Thank you”

All I want to say to everybody is the words “words” of “Thank you”

21st of September, International day of Peace I could hold really wonderful Peace day action for this world, and for our children.
It was my closing my long team action called “Celebration Earth Walk” from China to London. The distance of walking is 12500km, number of trees which I planted 3050 trees, visited over 500 schools for inspiriting children for Peace, and helped 200 orphanage to helping the poor children.

All my way toward to London, and at the end, “International day of Peace” I could hold the great peace day celebration. It is because the people helped all the time!!!!!!
I am not big person, I am not special person, I am not strong person. I am same as the others “Ordinary People”
As the ordinary people, in my life there are full of things happened, not only bright side of life. I have “Sorrow” I have “Pain”

But always I try to show my “Smile” to everybody. Always I try to show my “Happiness”
I always try to spread my “Positive” Energy for everybody even in my heart has full of sorrow and full of pain!
It is all for everybody to keep a “HOPE” in the heart and to keep “Wish” in their Heart! I always try to “Smile”!!!

I learned the “Smile” from Children!
When I was walking through Vietnam, I visited Orphanage for helping children as much as I can. When I entered in the facility always children came to me and said to me!
“Are you hungry?”
“Can I help you?”
“What can I do for you?” with full of bright smile!!!
Even their situation was very hard they try to share their happiness their stuff which they have! I learned these great attitudes from poor children!!!
That is also why I always can keep smile for everybody!!

More over the people always give me a hand and let me lean on him her and them helping me to carry on walking for Peace! They show me there are tomorrow!!!
The children, the people show me the bright side of life, try to help me even their hard situation, that is why I could keep doing my actions!!

We all are not perfect. We all have a “Sorrow” we all have a “Pain”
We need to help each other!

We need to encourage each other for Tomorrow! Name of “Hope”
We need to share our humanity, kindness, Gentleness, compassion!!!
These hearts of humanity will make the world a better place, peaceful place, beautiful place!!!

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