Reunion with my Syrian Best Friend in Gebze Turkey

Recently for organizing the International day of Peace day event in Edirne, I spend a very busy day meeting with Edirne Mayor, Municipality, Edirne Governorship office, Education department.
Today was very special day for me! I could reunite with my best friend “Muhammad” from Hama, Syria in Gebze Turkey. Luckily he could escape from Syria last year and I could call him to come to Gebze Turkey.

With my friend Muhammad first encounter was last year when I had been walking though Syria from Feb to April 2011. Muhammad helped my Peace and Protection Environment Action in Hama. We planted trees together with full of happiness, and he and his family supported my action in his Home town “HAMA”

At this moment conflict was already started in Syria and I saw the many situation of the conflict. Unfortunately the country situation became worse and worse and so many people children, woman, and old people have been killed without any reasons.
Through the reunion with my Syria friend, I also got the information that how hard situation of Syria now, all the important things have been stopped by government such as water, electronic, phone, and internet….It is just one of the parts of difficulties, there are full of sorrow, and full of misery are happened even “NOW”
Even the hard moment in Syria, his family keep doing a wonderful action for poor family giving free staying in his hotel, and giving a free food using own money!

His words, his families action was touched my heart a lot!!!

We do agreed to help the people in Syria when the time comes!!
I already have been organizing the lecture meeting in Taiwan and South Korea gathering the donation for Syrian children and people.
Moreover what we decided was for our future hope children in Syria, making the library or some facilities to studying and reading the books at same time when we help to repairing the country. Because it must be needed these place for keep children to have a hope for this world through the education!

Not only I and Muhammad, but also world friends really wish Syria all the best! We are thinking what they can do for the hardest situation in Syria.
Unfortunately I couldn’t do anything for this situation in Syria, but always wish Syria and Syria people all the best and when the time comes to be able to help the people, I definitely will come back to Syria to help the people give the hope for them!

I would like to say this word for the people!

Everybody was born with their own destiny for this world.
We all have a power to make this world a better place, beautiful place and Peaceful place!

The destinies are all different for each person. Each person has a different power to make this world much brighter!

When each person starts to using the power, and the all the people unite for this world with their own destiny, we can make decent world which we all and all the creature live happily and peacefully with full of joy!

This is the real circulation world for mentally and physically!
We all have an equal opportunity, and possibility to make Peace in this world!
We all have an equal opportunity and possibility to love happily and peacefully!

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