International Day of Peace ~For celebrating the peace day I come to Turkey~

On 27th of August I came to Turkey! Why I came to Turkey? It is because for celebrating International day of Peace in Turkey. After walking arrived in London, actually I would have like to celebrate the Peace day in London after the Olympic, but when I thought the situation of the world, and when after I knew the reality of Olympic, I deeply felt that I must hold the peace day celebration at the right place!

Now in this world so many problems happened, Syria “Conflict”, Greenland Ice Melt, Many places have started a conflict, of fighting and disaster happened many countries.
I was thinking which place was the suitable place for holding Peace day!? There were place where I was thinking to hold a Peace day celebration. One was Switzerland because just only one country always tries to be neutral position for every situation of the world. Second place was Croatia and Serbia Border city called “Vucovar”, because the place has a sad history due to the war in 20centry. Many people suffered due to the war, more over the place still now every single public places are separated between Croatia side and Serbia side! The Third place was Turkey.

And why I chose Turkey!!!! Because the biggest problem in this world at this moment “Conflict” was happened beside Turkey, and the people have been killed without any reasons… From the country where is beside with Syria, it is quite important to spread the Peace message to the world!! One other reason is because of the Turkey location! Turkey, the country has a unique culture! Because Turkey is in the “CENTER” between Asian side, African side, and European Side!!! All the places have a difference problems in Europe the people because of material wealthy, Greed poison the peoples heart! And people have a problem of Mentality which is forgetting the mind of humanity!!
In Africa side, because of the poverty, because of the war, conflict, and destruction, children couldn’t get enough education, and because of the destruction, and war, conflict, people suffer from poverty and sickness due of the wealthy counties… In Asian side, people get suffer from Disaster and Poverty. These problems are different problems but all the problems are related!! Why these problems are happened? Why the people fight each other, why the poverty couldn’t solve? Everything is because of discrimination due to the Capitalism.

For telling “For PEACE we need to think all the problems at same time and we need to “UNITE” to solve the problem without any of the reason which is we made on ourselves.
“The frame of Human being”,
“Educational Background”

And for spreading the Real Peace message, for telling what is happened in this world nowadays, I really felt that celebrating the Peace Day from Turkey is best place!!
And this peace day celebration is personally for appreciate the people who helped me all the way toward London! I try to hold the Peace celebration in Turkey!!!
This Year’s Peace day theme is
“Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future”

Everybody every place we can celebrate the Peace day! This Year what will you do for this Peace day? Your action will make peace in this world!!!
Let’s do the action together at same day!!

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