What is the most important thing for our “LIFE” for our “WORLD”?

What is the most important thing for our life, for our world?

I would like to share some of my experience of my walking!!! And want you to know what is the important of Our Life! Our World!!!
Using 5years walking action through 17counties, I saw many different situation of this world.
In Vietnam, Cambodia, the people have been getting suffering from “poverty”, the people have been suffering from the “War” & “Conflict”. Nowadays more problems happened in the country. “Global Warming”, “Climate Change” the people have been suffering from Typhoon, and a flood… There were so many people had no food, no clothes, no place to stay,,, and there were so many orphans, and so many children has a physical handicap. In Syria, due to the conflict, the people have been suffering, lost the family, children, friends, lovers, houses… have been losing everything….

Through my walking through the countries, I tried my best for helping the people, sharing my love, my kindness, my gentleness, giving my stuff which I had.
However! When I tried to do something, they did more things for me, tried to help me!!!!
In Orphanage, when I entered in the center, the children came to me and said to me
“Are you hungry?” “Can I help you?” “What can I do for you?”

The children tried to help me, tried to share what they have, tried to share their happiness. In Vietnam, when I had a serious problem in my body, the village people helped me even they had to think how to survive. They didn’t care their life and they gave me a food, gave me a medicine, gave me so many things for me, and treated me.

In Syria, when I was walking through the country, already the conflict was started. South side of Syria, many people was started killed without any reason just because of the conflict… Under the conflict, I had a problems several times. When I was staying in small village, I made a friend with many children. One day I came back to the village the children recognized me and on the way to the house where I stayed, we all shacked hand and walked to the house.. the children called my name loudly!! “YUJI” “YUJI” “YUJI” The sound was so big and powerful!!! The local police heard the voice and thought the demonstration was started in the village! When I arrived in house, the police came to me and brought me the room asking so many questions…. It was really dangerous situation!!!!
The children tried to listen to the situation of me through the wall, and when they thought it was my dangerous situation, they didn’t care about the life they broke the door and came in front of me and explain who I am!!! They protected ME!!!!

Vietnam, Cambodia, Syria these countries people, the children they have a mind of humanity!!! They always helped each other and felt the connection with the nature!!
Materially the country people are not rich, don’t have money, don’t have an enough food, couldn’t get education because of the poverty or problems of the country situation…
But they taught me what is the Happiness!!! Happiness does not come from “Material Wealth”!!! Happiness comes from “Mental Wealth” Humanity!!! Kindness!!! Gentleness!!! From the connection with family, neighbor, community, and nature!!!

Now so many people follow the world trend!!! Trend named “Over Consumption” “Speed Consumption”
In America, and EU, the people’s day caloric intake is America 3748cals and EU over 3600cals! We just need 2000cals per day, and Africa they just could get 1800cals… More over In America, and EU, the country even getting many food, but every year America waste over 53millions and 8thausand ton/ year foods, EU waste over 90millions ton/year foods!! And in the world 1.3Bn food are wasted!!! There number is much over the number which WFP sending the food number 3million and 7thaousand ton!!!
It is just about the example of the food, but not only the food but also natural resources we wasted a lot!!! When the new product was started selling! Even people have same things people try to buy new things and throw away the old one even they can use!!

The country have a full of material wealth! Do the people are happy??? DO they can make Peace in their country??? No they couldn’t!! The country have full of problems, violence, incident, murder, larceny so on….. The greed poison the people heart, and the people lost the mind and lost the point of the life!

When I was in a countries Vietnam, Cambodia, Syria, they don’t have enough things suffering the world trend.. But they always smile!! They always share what they have what they can!! No matter the countries, no matter the culture, no matter the gender, no matter the generation, no matter the religion! For them we are all family!!!!!!

I can say strongly “For our life! We need HUMANITY!!!!!
Our humanity, our kindness, our gentleness these sense of Humanity make us happily!!! Make the world more peacefully!!!

Like the people like a children in Vietnam, Cambodia, Syria people, If we can think the others share our humanity to the others, we could suddenly could solve the problems! Poverty! Could stop the war! Could clean the world, perverse the nature!!
Yes we have a power! We have a great possibility and opportunity spreading peace in our hearts!

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