Handing My Peace Spirit down to next generation called “HOPE”

Dear All
After the London Olympic, many people was curious where am I and what am I doing.
After I left England, I have been going back the place where I walked through and say thank to the people who helped me and my actions toward London.
Unfortunately I couldn’t go back to all the places where I walked through to say thank to the people, and children. However not this time but someday I will go back to all the place and will meet all the people who supported me and helped me.
I never ever forget everybody and always everybody is in my heart!

Recently I am in Spiez, Switzerland. And spend time with the people who helped and solved the biggest problem “Losing the Bank Card Problem & financial problems” in my walking through Europe. And for my appreciation I gave my one of the precious and memorable stuff to their grandson “JANIK” & “SASCHA”
The precious things are my necklace and pendant. One was when I was walking through Taiwan, one of the minority people called “Paiwan” people gave me “Brave Heart” Necklace as a honorary sign of Paiwan. The other one was when I was in Vietnam local people gave me a pendant called “Peace Bird Phoenix” pendant. The pendant, they visited old temple in Hue Vietnam and after full of praying for Peace they got the Peace Bird Pendant from Monk.

Both of them protected me all my way walking from Asia to Middle of East, and Middle of East to Europe over 4years through my walking.
It’s very special things for me but for next generation our hope named Children I hand down these things to next generation “”Janik” & “Sacha” with full of my wishes that the pendant and necklace gives the powers, protects them and leed them to the bright future!!

After the trip going back to the place to say thank to the people, I will go to Turkey for holding Peace ceremony on 21st of September which is the day of ”International day of Peace, going to Taiwan for lecture meeting, and gather the donation for Syria, writing books, starting foundation project using 2012-2013. From 2014 I will start walking again in Africa for helping poor people spreading the message of Peace and protection the environment!!!!

I keep walking keep doing my action for Peace for Protection the environment! And this is all for everybody and for our next generation Children!!!!

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