“Tears” In “Heaven”


In my life I already lost many precious peoples… And in this world So many places (Nature) so many people lost their family, children, and friends.
So many people get suffer from the world named Human Society….

When the people could realize the truth in this world?
When the people start to think about real Peace for this world, for this Earth?

I want to see my precious peoples who went to the heaven.
For Me not only my personal people, but everybody, every creature is my precious already left from this world… also the people, every creature lives in this world now…

I want to see my precious peoples who went to heaven…
TODAY I really do…

But it is not the time to go to “Heaven”

Now I have to do many things for this world.
I have to do my best for Peace for this earth.

Even I lose my arms, even I lose my legs, even I lose my health, If still I could live in this world, If still fire of my life burns in my life, I keep face the truth in this world and try to spread the positive message, inspiring the people, encouraging the people, empowering the people, giving a hope & dream to the people!

But When I go to the Heaven, Can you remember my name, can you wipe my tears? Can you hold hands of mine and pick me up???

I must be strong, I must keep smile for this world…
But When I go to heaven, can I return to be a person called YUJI?

Music : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngpZaECKaBM

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