On 16th of July I walked arrived in port city called Dieppe which was the last point in France and on 17th July I across the La Manche (English Channel) and entered into Newhaven England. After arriving in Newhaven I walked Lewes, Wivelsfield, crawley, Red Hills, Croydon, and finally 27th of July I walked arrived in London Olympic stadium.

From France because of hard walking and hardness happened in several months, my body and my heart lost most of the power, full of pain in my body but I kept walking and moving toward London toward Peace!
What keep moving my body one step one step toward London!!?? The PEOPLE who I met all my way toward London in 17 countries..

So many people sent me an encouragement message. Every message, every single word were touched my heart!!! It was long walk from China to London, so many things happened. And when the bad things happened, I depressed, discouraged myself, so many times I thought giving up my walking toward Peace!
But every time, the people were beside me, trusted me, encouraged me, and helped me.
That people pushed me toward London even I couldn’t walk on myself….

Through the message from the people I was thinking deeply the peoples, reminding the peoples, appreciating the peoples, and respecting the peoples all my steps to London.
And during my walking toward London my eyes had started to be blurred.
I was shedding my tears naturally…couldn’t walk faster…
There are full of emotion appeared for everybody!!

There are full of my appreciation for everybody which is really hard to express my emotion, and my appreciation. But my heart, my body couldn’t control the emotion and the appreciation of my hearts becoming tears and ran down my cheek.

On 27th of July I walked arrived in London Olympic stadium. It was long way walking from China to here London. Almost 5years walking (12/2007-27/07/2012) Distance/ 12200km, Countries which I walked through (China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, France, England) planted 3046trees, and visited over 500 schools and orphanages.

It was quite long walk and All my way toward London, there were so many things happened, there were so many wonderful things but also there were so many kind of difficulties, hardness, sadness, sorrow,,,,
So When I arrived in London, lots of emotions were appeared in my heart!!
And there are full of mind of appreciation for everybody!!!

All my way toward London for spreading Peace and Environmental message, As I said there are full of difficulties, When the beginning of my walking nobody believed my message, When I was in Vietnam I was almost died through my problems on my body, When I was in Syria, I was almost catch by police and Army without any reasons just because of the situation in Syria, When I was in Switzerland, I had a problems for walking through EU because of the Shengen Rules.. And many places the people gave me cold shoulder, sneered away me.
Moreover I saw so many things that very hard situation of the world!! In China I saw a full of pollution and destruction and people have no choice but to live in the area!!

In Vietnam, In Cambodia I saw the place the people get suffer from the war and conflict!
And still now because of the suffering and because of the poverty, so so so so many peoples and children get suffer.

In Syria I saw the beginning of the conflict and the demonstration! Many people killed without any reasons.
In Croatia and Serbia, I saw lots of places which were related with the War…

Even the hard situation, even very difficult situation, but always people were beside me, encouraged me, trusted me, and gave me a full of power for me!!!

Without the people, I couldn’t walk arrived in London! Therefore there are full of mind of appreciation in my heart!

Everybody is my teacher
“Teacher of Peace” “Teacher of Humanity”
Everybody is my family, father, mother, sister and brother!

I really felt the HOPE from my walking toward PEACE!!!
HOPE name of Humanity!!!

And exactly our achievement is a great HOPE for Peace for the Earth for all of US!!!

Because through my actions, the world people could unite and did the actions for the Peace for protection the environment! No matter the country, no matter the religion, no matter the different culture, no matter the generation, no matter the gender! We all can unite together!!! This is a great hope for this world and WE all did it to arrive in London Olympic stadium together!!!

It is really amazing things!!!

So I really want to say the people!!!!!!! We are the HOPE and We have a HOPE for this world for the PEACE!!
We have a power!! We have a power to share our humanity!! We have a power to solve the problems. We have a power to make a better world from US!!!
I really believe that we have a mind of humanity. I really believe that we all have a loves for everything!! We all have a power and we all have a great opportunity and possibility to make a world a better place!!!

And I will continue to do my action walking through the country to the country and do more way to spread the message for Peace for Earth for everybody!!

Lastly I really want to say Thank you to the all the People for helping and I really do appreciate for everybody kindness and great helps.

This is not the end! Let’s walk together Let’s unite together toward Peace!!!

Thank you!
Cam on!
Teşekkür ederim!.
Grazie Mille!

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