Peace for the Earth “Action from Ordinary People with Sustainable knowledge”

From 27th of May to 16th of July I walked through France about 670km using just 1month and 20days, walking passed Besançon, Dole, Dijion, Braisy Bas, Montbard, Tonnerre, Joigny, Sens, Montereau, Melun, Paris, Gisors, Neufchâtel, Dieppe.

During the walking through France I could see so many kinds of beautiful nature and the peoples have been keeping their tradtions in their dairy life. Especially when I was in Bourgogne province called Tonnerre area I could see beautiful scenery.

“A Spring Walter”.. I don’t know how to called these kind of things, there are over 360m long and over 61m deep cave! And amazing thing was amount of Flowing water! Every second more than 300L water flow to this place. From the ancient times local people had been used this place for Laundry since 1758. More over as you see my pictures there are beautiful landscape!! Wonderful environment! From ancient times France people love the environment using the wonderful nature they have been making local product!! TONNERRE is the one of the famous place for Wine!! And it was easy to understand that why they can made an amazing product! There were full of nature!! wonderful resources and! from ancient time the people have been improve their way of life which is live with the nature and improve the life and nature!! SUSTAINABILITY!! It was amazing things!! And there are full of knowladge from our ancestor! the name of Sustainable Knowladge

From 3rd of July to 7th of July I was in Paris. Using 4 days I tried to do some actions for Peace for Protection Environment.
This time it was quite special situation for my activities.
Normally when after I arrive into the place, by myself I try to do some actions cooperating with Government, NGO group, School, local community… But this time before I arrive in Paris, The local people knew my actions and they invited me to come to their place.

The place was Japanese Kaiseki Restaurant called “Maison Kaiseki” which is most well- known Japanese restaurant in France.
The restaurant concept is using season’s food, using organic food and serving healthy food for people! Through the food the people could start to thinking of the connection between Nature and Human being! The Chef and Restaurant try to wake the people’s mind of humanity!! The Humanity which these days the people have been losing mind,
“HEART” of feeling the NATURE, “HEART” of feeling the SEASON, HEART of feeling the connection with all of this world through the “FOOD”, It was really amazing place, amazing people try to spread Peace & Environmental message. We cooperated and tried to hold a lecture meeting and tree planting at their place! And we could plant tree with local people! However the lecture meeting nobody came to our activity! It was my first time to be happen such kind of thing.

And I really felt that Paris, There are really big gaps the people’s consciousness comparing with the other place in France and other countries!! Even in the government, even NGO group, even local people, the people have a mind of humanity they tried to do so many things (it was really few people in Paris), but the people don’t have a mind,,, they don’t do anything…. And the percentage of consciousness, the letter people ( Don’t have a mind of humanity, Peace, Protection the environment) seems to be much more big number than then former!

I am really disappointed with Paris because before I entered into Paris, I had heard the history of revolution, and heard 17th ~18th century Paris people’s mind, wonderful mind of humanity. More over during my walking toward Paris I could see wonderful nature, could meet wonderful people, and most of the places the people try to do their effort for their places! The people hand down the tradition to the posterity.

However the reality and my expectation were totally opposite side…

During my staying in Paris, I met and talked with so many people.
Always they said “Great” But I felt in the words there are full of thinking of doubt!
Not many people feel purely about my actions…
Some of the people said “ Oh you walked long way to here Paris for Peace. So you walk on a Sea?” “Why you don’t cooperate with Japanese people, Japanese government, Japanese organization?” It is also the biggest number of people asked me these questions in my actions. The people seem to not think deeply about Peace, about environment!!!

For Peace, For Protection the environment, what is most important thing?????
It is Local people!!! The people were born in the country, grew up in the country, and through their life at their places, people see, hear, feel, taste, smell, these full of sense of experience the people understand their place, environment, culture, religion, way of life, people through growing up their place, they can learn!!
After growing up the people started on their way!! Government, NGO group, company, restaurant, bakery, school every places!!!
At all of different occupation, then people work in their place is local people!!
So the PEOPLE who know everything in the place start to think their environment, start to think about peace, and start to do some action, It is a best way and much more peaceful way to solve the problems at the place! And can make a better place!!
That’s way Local people are most important!!!

Now many bad things happened, the name of helping, the other country people, activists comes to the place and just pushed their opinion without any respect, without any thinking of their opinion, culture, religion, they try to change the place on their way! Through this action, now many places have a problem!!
So once again I want to say, for the place, local people start to think, start to do their action are the best way and peaceful way for their place!

Therefore for a better place, I always try to be with local people, try to cooperate with local people from government to ordinary people! I don’t cooperate with other country people, other country government!
If just think the short term result, maybe it is better to cooperate with other country government or NGO group which has an experience or skill, but when we really think the place, with local people even it takes long time It is the best way to try to do some actions with local people.

Through the preparing to the activities with local people, the local people can learn how they can do some action for their places and they can think what they can do for their places! So not only the time with me, after I left the place, on their self the local people can start to think and can try to do some actions for their places!!!
When the local people start to think, start to do the actions, that mean seeing long term it became big actions for the place!!!! And the people can also teach to their children as a tradition!!

So trying to do the action with local people, there are full of meaning, and full of thinking!!!!!!
As Maison Kaiseki Restaurant people and the other people try to do a good action in Paris! I wish in the future, Paris people remind the mind of their ancestor, and start to think deeply about Peace, about protection the environment and the thinking reach to the Paris people actions!!!

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