Inner Peace will reach to the World Peace

(27th of June 2012 when I was walking in France Bougognue Province)

After I walked through Switzerland in a hard situations (17th of April ~ 26th of May) I entered in France. During the hardest moment in my walking, why I could continue to walk!? It was because so many people helped me, especially for Switzerland local people’s big supports I couldn’t find any description to express my appreciation.
Switzerland. It is quite special country comparing with the other countries. In this country there are 4 different peoples live together. Different culture, different language, different thinking, however the 4 different kind of People such as Italian, German, French, and Romansh cooperate together and help each other and make one wonderful country. “Switzerland”
In this country what I felt through my walking was the country “Switzerland” consisted of the people’s heart of respect each other, mind of trust each other. Every region there was different system of local administration, from the central government, to local governments, municipalities they all were independent and do their works with individual awareness. It is really wonderful thing. On the other hand it made me very hard to do some action following the strict system in this country, because all government has been independent, there was no connection between the other areas. Therefore every place I had to try on myself to visit and asked about the cooperation to do some action for their territory, and every place they followed their own rules, special cases activities were automatically excluded… However most of the place the people tried to help me as the person who lives in the country, not as a people who works in a government, or municipality. There were the people who understood my action and as a person they helped me therefore I could solve my problems and could do many good action in Switzerland. I could learn so many things from Switzerland in 1month and few days staying.

And walking location changed from Switzerland to France. Now (27th of June, 2012) I am walking in Bourgogne, France beautiful green scenery. Toward London from border of Switzerland and France it is 740km, even I couldn’t do many actions but keep walking for Peace.

In France From the government to ordinary people, every place, there are big gap between the people’s awareness of protection the environment and Peace. And depend on the people the attitude were totally changed, it is not only france but middle of Europe such as Italy, Switzerland I had experience as same as in France.
Even the people don’t have any awareness of protection the environment, and Peace, I always try to be calm and be neutral every people from government, company, to school, from adult people to children all the time I respect and will full of appreciation I try to attend to the people. When I tried to attend to the people as a person, people always attend to me as person even the people are high position people such as mayor, governor, and even the people looked down they try to understand my message. The attitude always reached to some action for the place.

In Besancon, France, Even just 2days staying the university supported my action and organized the tree planting, and lecture meeting with the local people.
The time (Lecture meeting) one of the woman asked me that “In my opinion between city and countryside people there are totally different mind. City people are typically cold and be selfishness, on the other hand countryside people are more open and be kind than city people. How different the people between two place city and countryside?”
I said “Every place there is the people who is cold, who is kind, who is open, who is bad or good! Everybody have a different personality therefore many people feel that different between city and country side people. Actually there are different between the city and countryside that is the peoples are close to feel the nature or not….. the connection between nature and human being.. But there are no such a big difference of number of Good people and bad people in city or countryside!
I strongly believe that the other peoples attitude is depend on your attitude! SO everybody can be a good people. bad people, or cold people, or kind… “
I answered that everything depends on you! In the city, in the countryside there are obliging people and critical people. But always try to be a neutral and be calm and try to attend to the people with full of compassion, respect, and love. The people start to change the attitude. The attitude make the peace and circle of humanity and many good and obliging people will come to you!!
Nowadays there are full of emotions! Especially negative emotion! Hate, anger, bitterness, sadness. Having an emotion is very good thing. We are human being we all have an emotion! But through the negative emotion, again to feel much more big negative emotion and make the other problem is not good. I think. From the negative emotion to the positive energy for this process we need to have a heart of humanity and need to be neutral for everything having an objective mind!
“LIFE” sometimes the things happened as you expect, sometimes not! Most of the people have a different personality and different thinking. Trying to understand the people’s diversity, and nature’s biodiversity, and making good circulation! It is the way to achieve the inner peace for yourself and the inner peace will brings regional peace and world peace!!



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