Thank you very much!! ~DAY of Peace Day of Humanity~

Today is the day “The Day” name of “PEACE”
The Day name of “Humanity” 

Many people think Today is the day of London Olympic Opening Ceremony!
For me Olympic is not very important, for me what is the most important thing is all my way toward Peace toward London the people across the country,, across the religion,, across the generation, across the gender, across the flame of human being, We all could unit and did a wonderful action for this world!!!!

This is great hope and great achievement for Peace, for protection environment, for all of us!!!
There is a full of hope, there is a full of dream, there is a full of wonderful people in this world!!!
So Today is the day name of the “PEACE” Today is the day name of the Humanity!!!

I would like once more again to express my deepest appreciation and sincere thanks to all the people who helped me, supported me, and encouraged me, smiled me, sharing the happiness to me!!!

Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! 

This is my picture which I arrived in the place!! with full of my appreciation from my bottom my heart, and for promise that I keep walking for this world for Peace I will send it for you.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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