Full of Feeling Sorry for Everybody

“Full of feeling SORRY for everybody”

Today I walked to Olympic committee office to ask for cooperation to do some action for spreading Peace. I couldn’t meet anybody. Nobody look directly at my eyes…..
Even when I walked on the road, police felt I am dangerous person. Several times the police stop me to show the ID… This is their job for keep the Olympic goes safely!! I totally understand their opinion.

I have to tell you that I seem to not be able to do any action at Olympic time…..

When I arrive in hotel I didn’t know why, I felt so bad, my heart started to have a full of pain like somebody grab my heart and try to crush my heart so strongly!!!
I don’t know why? From my eyes full of tears ran down to my cheek, and couldn’t breathe deeply….
There are full of feeling of “Sorry” for everybody especially the children who expected to see full of my action in London…

After I arrived in London, I feel full of appreciation for everybody. So I would like to express my appreciation through the actions in London. But I seem to not be able to do the action…..
There are full of appreciation for everybody because everybody helped me and pushed me toward London in the heart, therefore! that is why more than the appreciation for everybody, I felt the feeling of sorry!!!

I couldn’t stop my tears, my heart almost break because of the pain in my heart…
So much painful I ever feel……

I am so sorry for everybody that I couldn’t do big things in London!!

So sorry!!!!! So sorry!!!!!

But 27th of July with appreciation from bottoms on my heart, I will walk to London Olympic stadium for everybody!!! That is just I can do for everybody for express my appreciation.

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