Walking arrived in London ~Everybody is my ispiration~

Finally! Finally Today I walked arrived in London!!
Thank you very much for all of your kindness and great helps all the way toward London!!
Some people said you are inspiration! But I am not big inspiration for the people!
Just I tried my best what I can do for this world as a one of the creature in this world!

Today’s goal walking arrived in London, it is not my job!
It is all our achievement! Not me!
It’s for all of the people like you supported me, encouraged me, helped me
The people’s goal!
The support, encouragement, helps moved my body toward London!!!
Everybody is my inspiration!!
Everybody is my teacher, father, mother, brother, sister and best friend!
Without you I couldn’t walk arrive in London!!

So from my bottom in my heart I would like to send my appreciation and sincere thank for all of you!!
And Congratulation for your goal!!!

On 27th of July! For expressing my full of appreciation, I will walk to London Olympic stadium!! And after London I will continue to walk and do so many actions for this world!! For Everybody!!!

Thank you very much!!!!!!

Peace for the world!!! Happiness for everybody!!!

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