Tears ran down my cheeks

These days so many people send me an encouragement message. Every message, every single word are touched my heart!!! It was long walk from China to London, so many things happened. And when the bad things happened, I depressed, discouraged myself, so many times I thought giving up my walking toward Peace!
But every time, the people were beside me, trusted me, encouraged me, and helped me.

Through the message from the people who I met on my way toward Peace
I think of the peoples, reminding the peoples, appreciating the peoples, and respecting the peoples all my steps to London.
And recently suddenly my eyes started to be blurred.
I was shedding my tears naturally…couldn’t walk faster…
There are full of emotion appeared for everybody!!

There are full of my appreciation for everybody which is really hard to express my emotion, and my appreciation.
But my heart, my body couldn’t control the emotion and the appreciation of my hearts becoming tears and ran down my cheek.

Finally tomorrow I will walk arrive in London. One step one step toward London, I appreciate the people and respect the people I will walk!!

Once again I would like to say
“Thank everybody very much for all of your kindness and heartfelt message!!!”

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