Everybody are my teacher “Teacher of Peace” “Teacher of humanity”

Thank you very much for all your heartfelt messages!!!
I really do appreciate it!!!

No matter how long do we know each other, no matter how long did we spends time together, even we didn’t meet, but all the experience with you I could learn so many things from you!!!

Everybody is my teacher.
Teacher of Peace, Teacher of Humanity!

Because of Everybody’s wonderful mind of humanity, I could keep my pure heart without any arrogance!

I could Keep reminding my purpose of my action, and with full of appreciation for everybody and with humble in my heart

I could keep trying my best for Peace, for protection the environment!!

Thank you again for all of your messages.
Toward London Olympics it’s just 6days left, keep walking keep trying my best!
Every single moment, every single action, every single steps toward Peace!

Best Regards
Yuji Miyata
(Picture was taken when I was walking toward Redhill on 21st of July)

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