“There Must be More To Life Than This” ~Keep walking for everybody happiness~


There must be more to life than this…..

Through my walking I saw many bad situation of the world,
In China Local people have no choice but to live in a polluted area.
In Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, I saw many places which get suffer from the war and conflict, and so many get suffer still now. Too much orphans have a difficulties in their body, In Syria, I saw the conflict, killed without no reason.
In Serbia and Croatia, I saw so many places scars of the war,,,,,
Not only the places there are so many places, so many people get suffer..still hate each other…

There must be to be life than killing, poverty, hate, misery.
There must be to all life with full of happiness, bright life!
There must be to everybody live together no matter the color of skin or religion, or culture, gender, country.

There are too many wars, conflicts, destructions, hates, poverties, hungers.
I saw so many kind of bad situation of this world
So I will say there must be to life more than this.
We need to think the life. We need to think the peace
We need to think how we can live together shaking hand with all of the people.

Somehow we all will die
So just when the people die
I just wish everybody say “how wonderful life it was”
I just do wish everybody’s happiness.

No need sorrow anymore, No need killing each other anymore.
No need to hate each other anymore.
No need to die due to the poverty, or wars, or because of hate.
No need to cry,

NO NEED anymore

Just for the world become a better world
Just keep walking for this world!

Just Keep walking, try my best for all of the peoples happiness!

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