Please Join my last walking toward London for spreading Peace & Environmental message

The Last Day of his walking toward London Olympic Stadium
Starting Point: Victoria Park St.Marks Gate
Destination: London Olympic Stadium Great Briten Garden
Date: 27th of July 2012
Time: 13:30~

Purpose: It is the totally positive actions for Peace. For calling the Peace, for sharing our humanity, for sharing our happiness, for sharing love, joy, kindness, I will call the people as much as I can. This is also for appreciation to the people who helped me, supporting me, and encouraged me all the way toward London I will walk with people calling Peace.
Through the Peace march I wish many people think about humanity, think about Peace, think about the nature and start a good action for everybody for this world!!

The end of the walking I would like to make a Peace mark with people to say some words for this world!!

Please call and spread this message as much as you can, and lets walk together and lets spread Peace and environmental message together.

More information, or whom cooperate together this action
Contact: yuji_earthman* (Please change the *=@)

Press Release ~World Well-Known Peace messenger / Environmentalist
Yuji Miyata will walk arrive in London at Olympic Opening Ceremony~

Peace Messenger & Environmentalist Yuji Miyata (Japanese citizen 29years old ) is bring the message of Peace and Protection the Environment by walking and planting trees in various country will walk arrive in London Olympic Stadium on 27th of July at Opening Ceremony time. And the day he will try to walk with so many people calling Peace, sharing full of appreciation for the people who supported him on the long way walking from China to London.

Yuji Miyata has been walking since 2007 and has walked 11,500km through 16 countries (China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, France ) planting 3045trees for spreading the message of peace and protection the environment, and now he try his best and walking toward London.

When he was 6years old, he saw the news of Ozone hole. He became interested in environment and studied at University in Japan to gain more knowledge. Later he continued his formal education at South Korea and at spending time in a number of the countries, Yuji Miyata realized that people not taking proper care of precious planet and so many people get suffer from the issue. More over with most precious people Bereavements pushed him to decide to give his life for Peace for everybody.
On Dec, 2007 He joined United Nation Peace Ambassador / Earthwalker Paul Coleman’s movement called supporting Green Olympic walk in China. (Paul Coleman has been walking over 20years and planted 11millions trees for Peace for the Earth.) However at Beijing Olympic couldn’t hold real Green Olympic. The fact fired Yuji’s enthusiasm, he started walking toward London from China by himself.

Yuji Miyata said “Now as you know many bad things happened on the earth. Global Warming, Climate Change, fighting each other, war… so for our future for our future hope “Children”, it is the time to do some action for a better world, a decent world that will give all people, and all the creature live peacefully and beautifully!!
Peace exists between human and human but also peace exists between human and nature. Now the time to across the country, across the generation, across the religions, across the humans, animals, insects, trees, nature all of things live together, help each other.
For telling the real peace message and for inspiring the people, for encouragement the people, for empowering the people that everybody can do some small action, the small action can change the world a better world, peaceful world, beautiful world, I decide to walk and do the actions the name of Peace. I believe that we still have a mind of humanity, believe that we have a heart and love for all creature. I believe that we all have a power, power of humanity, power of solve the problem, power of sharing kindness and gentleness. I believe that all we can live on the same place called “mother earth”. We are all family. Let’s unite for all and use the power for making peaceful world big from us. ”

Yuji Miyata will continue to walk and plant trees and helping the people for spreading his message and for empower the people, inspire the people and for encourage the people.
After London, He will use his life for all for peace for Earth walking, planting trees, helping the peoples.

Yuji Miyata
Nationality: Japanese. Age: 29
Since 2007 Yuji Miyata walked over 11,500km as planting over 3045trees for spreading the Peace and Environmental message and encourage the People.
Yuji Miyata studied and graduated from Keio University in Japan, majoring political science before going on to Korea where he studied Korean language and later entered Yonsei post graduate school. However his love of nature and environment led him reconsider his decision and chose to leave the graduate school to pursue a career protecting the earth. He decided to become an activist spreading the word to people about the need to preserve the environment. Soon after his decision he joined Earthwalker, Paul Coleman on his mission to help green the Beijing Olympic game

*December/2007~August/2008: Joined UN Peace Ambassador Paul Coleman Green Olympic walk support Green
the Beijing Olympic walked 2200km and planting 234trees.

*August/2008~November 2008: Walked South Korea west and south coast for support the Ramsar International Conference COP10. Walked 650km as planting trees.

*from 1st/January/2009~ starting CELEBRATION EARTH WALK from SOUTH KOREA to LONDON ENGLAND 2012. already walked South Korean, Okinawa, Taiwan Vietnam about 2500km as planting more than 350 trees for spreading Peace Environmental Message with lots of people including Government, NGO, Media, and Local people.*Aug/2010 with UN Peace Ambassader Paul Coleman, start new project called Tera firrma Earth Bag House Community in Chile Patagonia.

*1st/Oct/2010 Start walking from Vietnam Hochiminh to Bangkok Thailand.
End of Oct/2010 wrote a open letter to Secretary General of United Nation Ban Ki-Moon & planted 1500trees at Phnom Phen.

*End of Dec/2010 walked arrived Bangkok Thailand, Cooperation with Royal Forest department, planted trees in Bangkok.
*Feb/2011 start walking From Syria Damascus to London England
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