UN International Day of Peace Ceremony at Edirne Anatolian High School of Fine Arts

The UN Peace Day Ceremony will celebrate in Edirne Turkey
by holding cultural Performance (Arts, music concert,), Peace day celebration (Praying, Planting tree, Speech for Peace), and many activities.
It will be supported by Edirne Anatolian High School of Fine Arts and Sports, Edirne City Government, Turkey Social & Culture Department,
Environment & Forestry Directorate, Edirne Education Department, and Europe & International Relations Office and Peace Messenger & Environmentalist Yuji Miyata.

Edirne Anadolu Güzel Sanatlar Lisesi (Edirne Anatolian High School of Fine Arts)
Hadımağa mevkii Trakya Üniversitesi Balkan Yerleşkesi Yanı Selimiye Öğrenci Yurdu Yolu Üzeri Merkez Edirne

Day/Time; 21/Sep/2011 9:30am~12:00pm

Cooperation :
Edirne Anatolian High School of Fine Arts and Sports, Edirne Turkey City Government, Social & Culture Department, Environment & Forest Directorate, Ddirne Education Department, And Europe & International Relations Office

More Information:
Edirne Anatolian High School of Fine Arts and Sports:http://www.edirneagsl.k12.tr/default.aspx
Edirne City Government ; http://www.edirne.bel.tr/
International day of Peace ; http://internationaldayofpeace.org/about/background.html

Let’s do some action for International day of Peace 21st of Sep! No matter how big or small. What is important thing is “US”. All human being find what we can do for the Day and across the coutnry, across the Generation, across the religion, across the Gender all together to think about a Peace and some action for Peace.
We can do from our heart! Let’s make a Peace Day! Every where!


Lastly I would like to express my appreciation and sincere thank for Edirne Anatilian High School of Fine Arts and Edirne Government great helps & kindness.

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