“Dream For Earth” & “Dream For Peace” Festival in London. We need your help!

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Yuji Miyata Peace Messenger & Environmentalist
Bring the message of Peace and protection the environment by walking and planting trees in various countries try to gathering the people from Movie Star, Musician, Artist, Government, NGO, Company, Local people all the people to making a Big Peace festival called “Dream for Earth & Dream for Peace Festival at London 2012 at Olympic time.

He has been walking toward London Olympic from Korea since 2009. He already walked 9000kms/ 8 Countries (Korea, Japan (Okinawa), Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Syria, and now He is walking through Turkey…) planted more than 3000trees,
His wish is just everybody shake hands together to start some good actions for Peace for Earth.

If we can Dream If we can have a vision Our Dream will Come true!! All the people the Bird, animal, Insect all creatures can walk hand in hand!
Now it’s seems to be a dark and hopeless world. We are lost in this world with tears,
and we trapped in the world with too much pain. But we can change the world. If we have a dream, believe each other, thanks each other, respect each other, help each other, we can redeem our soul and fly!
And the earth will be more peaceful and beautiful and more better place! The earth will be Peace Earth that everybody can smile with full of happiness and joy!!

Yes! Let’s have a hope! Let’s have a dream for the Earth!
Let’s have a hope! Let’s have a dream for ourselves!!!!

Let’s spread our hope our dream our positive energy to the world through this Dearm for Earth Dream for Peace Festival!
As his Wish, as his words, at London Let’s do a wonderful Peace and Environmental Festival next to the London Olympic stadium cooperate all the people from Movie Start, Musician, Artist, Government, NGO, Company, Local people.

Music concert, Peace March, Planting trees, whatever you want! Let’s call the people let’s cooperate together and make big difference from our heart!!
Now Just started this project. Let’s make his dream and his wish to come ture for us for Peace for Earth!!! Spreading this message or being a companion, or support this Dream, everything everybody are welcome!

His Dream is our dream his wish is our wish, Please cooperate with him!

Please share what you can do for this dream! We need your helps,Please free to contact with YUJI MIYATA yuji_earthman@hotmail.com

From Yuji Miyata Message
Firstly I would like to express my appreciation and sincere thanks for your understanding and great helps.
At London Olympic time is the Golden Opportunity to spread Peace & Environmental Message.
From Now Across the country, across the generation, across the religions, across the humans, animals, insects, trees, nature, all the things can live together, can help each other because we all live on the same place of the mother earth. We are all family, Everybody can do some small action for the Earth for Peace these small actions seems to be nothing but the small action gathered can make big difference from us. We all have a power.
Let’s gather our small action and make a big difference from us. We need companion, we need your helps. Everybody can join my action. Thanks again for your kindness and great helps

Best Regards
Peace Messenger & Environmentalist
Yuji Miyata

More information about YUJI MIYATA

Yuji Miyata
Nationality: Japanese. Age: 28
Since 2007 Yuji Miyata walked over 9000km as planting over 3000trees for spreading the Peace and Environmental message and encourage the People.

Yuji Miyata studied and graduated from Keio University in Japan, majoring political science before going on to Korea where he studied Korean language and later entered Yonsei post graduate school. However his love of nature and environment led him reconsider his decision and chose to leave the graduate school to pursue a career protecting the earth. He decided to become an activist spreading the word to people about the need to preserve the environment. Soon after his decision he joined Earthwalker, Paul Coleman on his mission to help green the Beijing Olympic games

*December/2007~August/2008: Joined UN Peace Ambassador Paul Coleman Green Olympic walk support Green the Beijing Olympic walked 2200km and planting 234trees.

*August/2008~November 2008: Walked South Korea west and south coast for support the Ramsar International Conference COP10. Walked 650km as planting trees.

*from 1st/January/2009~ starting CELEBRATION EARTH WALK from SOUTH KOREA to LONDON ENGLAND 2012

He already walked South Korean, Okinawa, Taiwan Vietnam about 2500km as planting more than 350 trees for spreading Peace Environmental Message with lots of people including Government, NGO, Media, and Local people.

Aug/2010 with UN Peace Ambassader Paul Coleman, start new project called Tera firrma Earth Bag House Community in Chile Patagonia.
1st/Oct/2010 Start walking from Vietnam Hochiminh to Bangkok Thailand.

End of Oct/2010 wrote a open letter to Secretary General of United Nation Ban Ki-Moon & planted 1500trees at Phnom Phen.

End of Dec/2010 walked arrived Bangkok Thailand, Cooperation with Royal Forest department, planted trees in Bangkok.

Feb/2011 start walking From Syria Damascus to London England

Everyday try my best and encourage, inspire the local people by my walking, planting tree and helping the people&Children.

Information about YUJI, Celebration Earth, Culture of Peace Initiative




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