Heal the world for our Children for our Planet Earth

For our Children, for next generation
Let’s heal the world, let’s make a peaceful world together!!

We don’t need to fight anymore!
We don’t need to kill each other anymore!
We don’t need to destroy the nature anymore!!
Let’s think how many children and how much nature get suffer from the past history.

From now it’s the time to think what we can do for our world for our children.
For Children, everybody’s mind is same.
Everybody wish the children live happily with smile!!

For Children future, for children smile
Let’s stop fighting!! Let’s stop destroy the nature!
Now the time across the country across the generation, across the religion, take our hand together and help each other.

To show the beautiful and peaceful world or to show the hardest and sadness world for Children is depending on our action, our heart, our cooperation.

Lets heal the world let’s make a peaceful and beautiful world for our children for our next generation!!!
From our heart from our small action we can heal the world we can make a better place together!!!

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