Let’s Dream for the Earth! Let’s Dream for Peace!!

“Dearm for the Earth Dram for Peace”
If We can Dream, If we can have a vision,Our Dream will Come ture!!
All the people the Bird, animal, Insect, all creature can walk hand in hand!
If we can drean If we can have a vision!!

Now its seems to be a dark and hopeless world.
we are lost in this world with tears,
and we trapped in the world with too much pain.
But if we have a dream, believe each other, thanks each other,
respect each other, we can redeem our soul and fly!
And the earth will be more peaceful and beautiful and more better place!
The earth will be Peace Earth that everybody can smile with full of happiness
and joy!!

Yes Lets have a hope! Lets have a dream for the Earth!
Lets have a hope! Lets have a dream for ourself!!!!

While we can think, while we can talk
While we can stand, while we can walk
While we can dream, please let dream Come true together!!!

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