The News ~Temporary suspension of my walk~

Dear All
After we celebrated the international day of Peace,I started walking from Thanh Hoa.
but as soon as I start walking,I felt sick. I had no choice to stoop my walking and
now I am staying my friends small hotel in Ninh Binh and take a rest recently.
For the result of the diagnosis in the hospital ,I have a inflammation on my lungs.
However, its not really serious situation, so dont worry about it. But I need to stop my walking.
SO I take a rest for little while and I will start my walking again some stage.
I aporogy that I have to tell that news.
Even I will spend a long time, absolutely I will start walking agian in Vientnam
for spreading the Peace and Environmental message,and encourage the Vietnam people.
Thank you for your understanding and everytime concern.
Dont Worry Be happy!!
Best Regards
Yuji Miyata