Go-Seong Beautiful Nature and Destruction ~고성 아름다운 자연과 파괴된 자연~


After I left Namhae, spending 2days, I walked 80km along the coast and arrived Goseong.

On the way to Go-Seong, I saw a problems of this area which lots of rivers and wetland were reclaimed


And also southeast of Go-Seong, lots of mountains are destroyed and coast side are reclaimed for making a shipyards.


On the other hands Go-Seong local people try to protect the mouth of the river and tidal lands for lots of lives and migratory birds and to protect the beautiful nature.



Through this local peoples action, the reclaiming the tidal lands project are stoped temporarily.

I felt strongly that individual action have a great power to change the situation and can be saved the mother earth.


In Go-Seong, I could plant a pine tree with in high school which has subjects of environmental protection and environment problems

with high school students and headmaster of this school.


Through this tree planting I wish that the students will be interested in the environment

and will grow up to a wonderful talented person who leaders the world thinking the environment.