The Present situation of SunCheong Bay and Great hope for the Future ~순천만의 현황과 미래의 희망~



September 24th I arrived in Sun-Cheong Bay which was registered with Ramsar conference in 2006. 

 Sun-Cheong Bay has a river mouth, beautiful reed beds, tidal flat and lots of migratory birds visit from over sea and in the mud flats of this Bay, there are many kind of crabs and lots of creatures live in this mud flats.


But on the other hand, motorboats and big ships pass between the wetland over speed and next to the river mouth, reclaimed construction were started and make a new buildings, and lots of garbage were thrown away in river side.

These things surely do damage in this bay and give a stress for Migratory bird.


However many local people are interested in the environment and local environmental organization often open the meeting that spread the environmental message for local people. That is very great hope and I could join some local event and talk how important the Bay for everybody and what can they do for the environment.


I hope that through Ramsar Convention of Wetland, lots of people start to think about how important the nature for us and what can we do for the environment individually not only Korea but also all over the world.



I will do my best to spread the environmental message and

to tell everybody have a great opportunity and great possibility to make a beautiful place in our earth.


Lastly I realy want to say thank for SunCheong KFEM Mr. Gang Gam-Jeong.

I appreciate his great helping.