Magnificent forests destroyed by the greed and egoism of a few.


After we left the small village of Longshou(陇首), we walked a beautiful country road that had lots of nature and was like a painting. However when we were on the way to Longtoushou(龙头山), we saw a big blaze in the mountains. We could see that the forest fire was caused by human beings, but we didn’t know exactly why someone had set fire to the mountains.


When we arrived into Longtoushou, we discovered the reason for the fire.

At first the village people said that they set fire to the mountains to make it easier to plant trees, then they said it was for agriculture, but finally they admitted that they set the mountains alight to make MONEY. By burning the forests, the lands is cleared of debris and the trees cleared of branches. This makes it easier to cut the trees down and take the trees out.



China’s vanishing nature and disappearing Forests are the direct result of a few greedy and egoistic people who buy up the villagers’ land and savagely remove its value in the most shameful practices. This is not good for the villagers.


We have to stop this type of destruction as soon as possible to hand this beautiful earth to next generations. This tragic event hurt me, but on the other hand, its made me more determined to walk all over the world to spread EARTH WALKER environmental message.

We planted a tree in this village and Paul named it Phoenix, in the hope of regeneration of this forest.